Concerned about *No* Blood Draw during IVF



My RE clinic procedure does not involve taking any blood draw during the IVF U/S monitoring (after starting the stims). Is this normal? Isn’t there a possibility of missing the ovulation etc. by not monitoring estrogen, progestrone etc.

Could you please let me know if I need to switch to a clinic which does the blood draw as a mandatory process.

I am very concerned. Please let me know.



Every clinic is different, but I’d be concerned if my RE didn’t do progress lab work and US. My RE used both to determine my med dosages during my cycle. I would go to a consult with another RE.

How are your clinic’s stats?


You need to be followed up. Hormone levels are important. I have never heard of the clinic that wouldn’t check the levels. If they dont follow up patients properly, how would they deal with the embryos? Personally, I wouldn’t stay with them.


they don’t do ANY, or they don’t do any until around day 7 or 8 of stims? I know a couple of very good clinics that wait until day 7 or 8 because they say prior to that the E2 levels don’t really mean anything. However, most clinics do bloodwork every 2 days. If your clinic doesn’t do any at all, I would switch.