Well, today at10dp5dt I got my +. Yesterday in the night, after eating, I had a terrible bowel movement (sorry). I wasn’t constipated, but the pain was really frightening. I massaged my stomach and it was better. Today, after I came back from the lab, I slept.woke up with the headache which is until now on. It is a bit above my neck and at the temples. In addition, I have a feeling as if my period was coming. I don’t know if it’s important to mention, but my progesterone is 72. Im afraid that bowel movement affected my embryos fatally vecause I had none of these issues yesterday. Plus today I dont feel as dizzy as yesterday. So afraid it’s another chemical for me:( Any input?


Don’t worry cosmo… I’m sure your BM didn’t affect anything =) The embies would have implanted already and the “bearing down” from a BM shouldn’t affect it. Maybe you just have virus or bug or something and it’s resolved. I would try not to read into it too much. I’m glad you got a +! Congrats! Not sure about your progesterone… From what my RE told me, you can’t really have too much progesterone… It’s not a negative thing, but I would just ask just in case. Don’t worry too much (easier said than done). Just try to relax and take it easy =)


Thank you Lovechocolate. I’m concerned because of my past and because these new symptoms came in only after the BM. I would like to think it was a coincidence, but unlikely. I hope so much I’m wrong in my estimation.