Confused about ovulation tests


Yesterday my test band was as dark as the reference and half of the test line was darker so I thought it was positive but today the entire test line is way darker than the reference line. Does anybody know why that would be and when I will probably ovulate?


Let’s say you go through your ovulation test strips, and you never get a result indicating ovulation. Why might this happen? One possible reason is you started testing too early in your cycle. Let’s say you have an ovulation kit that contains five tests and you started testing on Day 13 of your cycle. Day 17 would be your last test day. But if you don’t ovulate until Day 25, for example, you may not get a positive result because you weren’t testing on your most fertile days, Day 22, 23, and 24. Another possibility is you started testing too late. Let’s say you ovulated on Day 12, but didn’t start testing until Day 14. In this situation, you may miss the LH surge. This is one reason it helps to have an idea of when you tend to ovulate depending on the length of your cycle. The longer your cycles are, the more likely it is that you ovulate later than average. The shorter your cycles are, the more likely it is that you ovulate earlier than average. You can find a helpful chart on this page that will tell you the best time to start testing, depending on your cycle length. Another possible reason you won’t get a positive result is you’re not ovulating. It’s not abnormal to have one off cycle, once in awhile. However, if you don’t get a positive result after a few months, or if your cycles are irregular, talk to your doctor.