Confused about protocal: HELP


Hi Ladies,

This is my first cycle with IUI. I did IVF and ran out of money so thought I would try an IUI. My doctor gave me 2 options and says that they are not better than the other. It seems vague. Can anyone help me better understand this?

Option 1: Femara and Bravelle(pill and iinjectibles)
Option 2: Bravelle and Menopur (pure injectibles)

What is the difference? Will one work better than the other? Is option 2 better because it is straight injectibles. Let me know.


I can’t give you too much help. I did something similar, so I’ll just tell you how that went for me.

IUI #1: Clomid (similar to Femara) and Bravelle: 4 mature follicles, BFN

IUI #2: Bravelle and Menopur: 9 (yes, NINE) mature follicles, BFN

Substitution of menopur for clomid definitely made me produce more mature follicles, but didn’t change the ultimate outcome. However, I don’t know that more follicles is necessarily better (I was having nightmares of octomom). Of course, your response will be YOUR response and completely different than mine. Also, IUI success rates are waaaaaay lower than IVF so you have to factor that in as well.


The way you respond will just depend on you. Can’t say one is better over the other. Using oral medication along with injections is just the cheaper way to go. Basically meaning you won’t have to spend as much on injections. My old RE LOVED to do hybrid cycles (oral and injections).


I have DOR, and my two IUI cycles were with clomid and follistim (pills and injectibles). Got 3 follies each time. Cost comparison of the two medications: clomid was ~$50 vs. follistim at $750. If your insurance doesn’t cover it (like mine), I would give the pill/injectible a chance first.


Hi Ladies,

Thanks for the info. I decided to go with the the pills and injectables. I am hoping it works out for me.

agr72: I also have DOR with an AMH of less than 0.16. You give me hope.

Take care Ladies and have a good night. 2012 is our year.