Confused and Scared about IVF results


Firstly, I should state… I see a dr here in Japan due to work circumstances. He speaks english, but there is often miscommunication.
In early december I underwent my first IVF. We Used HMG (300miu/daily) to induce ovulation but nothing oral, like clomid… The only other medication I received was a HCG nasal spray, and a HCG trigger shot.

Although they received 22 eggs :clap:, and fertilized 12 with ICSI :woohoo:, by day 5, we have ONE, that’s right, ONE embryo frozen :grr:, after developing OHSS.
It is a 4BB grade and we aren’t even sure if it’s worth transferring with the cost associated or if its better to just cut our losses…and start again.

I am now waiting for a period to transfer that single embryo… the dr said “this is PCOS” when he said we had but ONE embryo left. I don’t really think that’s the case… I don’t know. Maybe I am wrong. I have been researching like crazy - I have heard so many women say that drs use clomid to increase egg quality. I am 23 years old, so age is not a factor. I am certainly changing clinics, as I feel something is not quite right here; I partly question their embryo quality control, as day3 we still had 11 embryos and all looked good - does this mean we should do a 3 day transfer in future?

Any words of wisdom…much appreciated.


Hi aliche- I’m sorry that you had a rough IVF :frowning: I have the opposite diagnosis- diminished ovarian reserve- but I think my experience is closer to yours because we were really concerned about how many eggs I could make, how many would be left over, and the cost of having to do it all over if it didn’t work. From what I have learned so far- you really need to “shop” around for the clinic that has the best success rate for your diagnosis. I don’t know how it works in Japan but in the US there is the that lists all the success rates and you can sort by diagnosis and age etc. If it were me- I would find a clinic that seems more credible and try the whole IVF again- and hopefully you’ll have eggs left to bank and in the end if you want a big family you can use the frozen embies and only pay for the transfers later. For me, I’d be really hesitant to pay for the transfer of one egg if the other 10 in it’s cohort didn’t develop well. But that is just my worries and you should trust your own gut. I don’t know how much the transfer would be in Japan, but I thought that pretty much everything was more expensive in Japan compared to the US. I hope someone can response with respect to PCOS :slight_smile: Best of luck to you aliche!


Hi there! Sorry for your rough cycle. I did a round of IVF in April and had 10 eggs retrieved. All fertilized without ICSI, and all of them were still growing at day 3. On day 5, only one had hit blast and we had an early blast, as well. We did NOT want twins and the blast was a 4AB, so we transferred that one. NONE of the other 9 made it to freeze (the early blast was a 4CC on day 6), and I was very disappointed. We were fortunate to get a BFP and I am due any day now, but I was shocked that I had so many great embies at day 3 and basically nothing at day 5!! From what I have since learned, growth from day 3 to 5 is usually a male factor issue. My DH has low morph (10%…which really isn’t THAT low), but no other issues. So, not sure why we lost so many. Personally, I think a lot of those would’ve thrived fine in my body at day 3, but just didn’t like being out for so long. I’m glad we did the day 5 because they truly found the best embie to transfer back. BUT, in the future, with similar results I would consider doing a day 3 instead. Hope it works out for you, and again…sorry for the frustration. It is such an expensive and heart wrenching experience!!!


I had 15 retrieved, 6 fertilized, and only one made it to day 5 blast as well. I don’t think this is very unusual that only one or two will make it to blast. Also, I don’t believe it is related to PCOS. As a previous poster said, it is more likely related to the quality of the sperm.


Thanks for the replies and support ladies. We are stationed overseas with the military, so our only option other than clinics in Japan are to wait 3 years until we get back to the states (looking more and more likely). IVF here is a lot cheaper than the states - my entire cycle, including medications, anesthesia, etc - was around $5500. But I don’t feel comfortable at the clinic. Hopefully I get a BFP from this 4bb (trying to be positive), and I don’t have to worry about it. Day 3-5 as male factor related, I hadn’t heard that. I’m going to do some research. DH’s sample this time was - for real - 202,000,000 - the highest we have ever ever seen. In all our IUIs and SA’s - it was never over 12 million - and usually lower - 8 million or so . I wonder if this freak high number cut the motility or the health of the sperm? It’s an interesting thought anyway.


See my signature for the 2010 cycle. 22 retrieved; I had 15 good day 3 embryos, 11 of which were essentially perfect (grade A 8-cell), but only one made it to full blast on day 5 (single transfer, live birth), and the two that were eventually frozen did not make it to pregnancy, with one not even surviving the thawing. I also had OHSS, and hence the single embryo transfer. So, first, it’s not that uncommon. Second, it may be the laboratory issue, not the doctor. I would just hope for BFP (you have excellent chances), and try a different doctor/lab next. Baby dust!


Sometimes a large number of lost embryos indicates a sperm quality issue.


As the ladies mentioned, could be the sperm issue, but there’s a huge probability it was the lab because it’s really crucial. I can tell you from my own example.i used to have 22 eggs and 2-3 blasts or 16 eggs and 0 bladts. However, after changing the clinic, I used to end up between 80-90% of the blasts. Although it’s important, but don’t go for the cost because in a long run, if you failed many times, you will lose money. Try to find a good dr even if he’s more expensive. On your next trial, ask them for a less dose of gonal f, like 150. I used to be poisoned by high dosages for no reason. At the end, I was given 150 and I got good results. Plus, these meds also affect the embryo quality, so why to risk if you don’t need it.