Confused, please help😦


I had an emergency ectopic in November and they had to remove my right tube. I’ve had a laparoscopy this week where they removed a cyst and some lesions. My doc said the news is not ‘very bad’ but not ‘very good’ she said when they passed the dye through my remaining tube it did go through just very very slowly. I have no idea what this means and there is no info on the internet. Does this mean its blocked? Will I need ivf? Is it really bad? I am just really worrying about it and feel like giving up hope, we have been through so much in the last year😪


I would first listen (and talk) to your doctor about your concerns–unless you think she might be misleading you about the situation, she did say it wasn’t “very bad”, so I would hang on to that. It may mean that one tube is smaller or something like that, or maybe it even cramped a little when the dye was injected, or maybe a bunch of other stuff that I don’t even know about. If the dye went through, that means it’s not blocked, but the fact that it went through slowly may mean that it could be hard for an egg to get through, or maybe not. I would schedule an appointment with her because it sounds like you have some questions and she didn’t leave you with anything specific to go on.


Thanks for your reply😊
I have my proper follow up appointment with her scheduled for 3 weeks time. This was a brief bit of feedback they were able to give me before I left the hospital, and has just set me into a bit of a panic really.
If the tube is too narrow do you have any idea of the treatment for that? I had a hsg in october and was told my tubes were fine, I subsequently got pregnant in the November but had the ectopic, so im wondering if the surgery has damaged the other tube. I wish they hadnt left me hanging like this😳



Hi Lydia
I think we’re in a similar boat in some ways. I had an ectopic in November and was 8 weeks and taken to emergent surgery. It was my first pregnancy. We got pregnant soon after recovering and hcg was rising well but at 6 weeks dropped and then rose again. They did an Ultrasound and was anter ectopic (just this past Tuesday). I got methotrexate. I spoke w a fertility dr who thinks IvF is our best bet as I had an HSG and my tubes looked fine before all this so she thinks I have some damage to my tubes they can’t see or that the first ectopic damaged the second.from what I understand once you’ve had one ectopic your chance of another increases and it can still happen with IVF. I am meeting with fertility dr next week so will keep you posted. Sorry you’re going throug this


And don’t give up hope! We all need to stay strong. We have been TTC for 2 years and had 2 ectopic in 6 months-at 8 weeks and 6.5 weeks


Aww thank you for your feedback. Your situation does sound pretty similar. My tubes were perfect in my hsg just before the ectopic and now I think my other tube may be slightly damaged due to the surgery. I still have to wait for my next appointment but am hoping its not just a case of only ivf only😪
So they didn’t need to remove any of your tubes? have they checked if your tubes are damaged?
Mine sounds strange in the fact that she says its not blocked BUT the dye travels very slowly, just so unsure what that means or what it will mean😁


What’s the latest Lydia? I agree with all the advice above. Staying in touch with the doctor is so important - DH is always telling me not to diagnose myself… I also had an ectopic pregnancy & lost a fallopian tube. They did the same test on me & decided my remaining tube was open, but still TTC 9 months later… Seems a blocked fallopian tube can be only one potential issue & if your tube is partially blocked, maybe it’s due to something else? Would love to know how things are going for you now/what you learned from the doctors…