Confused. STAT HCG numbers


My hcg number on Wednesday was 45. 40 hours later it was a 74. My doctor is happy with this, but I said “It didnt double”. She said "WEll, its only been 40 hours, plus this was a STAT test and the last one we did was not a STAT test. What does this mean? She said something about STAT numbers can be different? Does anyone understand this?


I thought STAT means the lab runs the blood work right away & informs your doctor that same day of the results? Have you looked up beta baseline to compare with others. Best wishes.


Hi there! Yep, STAT means same day results. But when I asked the nurse why they werent concerned that it only went up to 69 she said that sometimes numbers from STAT tests are off…something about it not being done overnight like a regular quantitative?


You’re still well within the range they want to see for a doubling beta, and of course, they don’t have to see double or more on the second number–they just have to be able to interpolate/extrapolate how many hours from the first number it was or would be until it would double, and that’s the number they care about. You may know all about that already but I think it’s easy to forget. So, for instance, your doubling time is about 55 hours, and as long as it’s under 72 in the first few weeks, it’s just fine. After the first couple of weeks, it starts to slow down, so then it’ll be more in the 72-92 hour range.