I took an EPT Certainty Digital test this morning at school and the result ws negative. I took another one about an hour ago at home and the result was positive. Went to the Family Dollar and bought one of theirs and the result was also negative. Which test should I believe?



Im sorry I forgot to say that Im spotting. Can that cause a false positive result? Im going to go get a blood test done this week to find out for sure.


I am sticking with test #2. Im scared though because I had a tubal preg. 3 yrs ago and I dont want to go through another. I hope that me and my husband are pregnant. Fingers crossed

[quote=essemkay]Wow. Craziness.

I choose to believe test #2! :slight_smile:

(sorry I don’t have a definitive answer for you – maybe try another brand all together tomorrow?)[/quote]


I don’t want to get your hopes up, but false positives don’t happen too often. It’s still possible something went wrong, but I think it’s more likely it’s positive. The fact that you could get different readings on the same day with different tests could be attributed to the tests varying in their degree of sensitivity to the pregnancy hormone. Some are more sensitive and read a positive earlier than others. So you just may be early enough that, for some of those tests, you didn’t test positive yet. Test again tomorrow. Good luck!!


I dont want to get my hopes up either but I also started my period Monday and it is the worst one by far! I am scheduled to see my doc on Wed.