My husband and I are trying to conceive. I’ve been off the pill now since November with only 2 periods thus far (was previously taking Seasonique and got my period every 3 months). I recently went to the ob/gyn and was told that that just might be how my body is and I’ll only have 4 periods a year going forward. He proceeded to tell me that I might only have 4 chances a year to conceive and handed me a referral to see an infertility specialist. I basically left the office in tears wondering whether I was ever going to be able to have a baby. I’m a healthy 29 year old, how could a doctor just push me on to an infertility specialist. Especially since I’ve only been off birth control for 5 months. Although a little ashamed/embarrassed to admit that I do not know this, but is it possible to still conceive without having regular periods? I’ve been tracking my temperature and I was given a fertility monitor, but it says not to start using it until my next cycle…which at the current rate, won’t be until June. I’m the type of person that when I make up my mind on wanting something, I want it sooner rather than later. I’m starting to stress over what the doctor told me and starting to fear the worst. ugh!