Hi there,

Well I´ve been going round in five circles of IVF, My husband and I are thinking about starting another round of IVF, but if it doesn´t work then we will start surrogacy. It´s very expensive in USA to undergo surrogacy program so we´re thinking about Mexico.
Has anyone tried employing the services of a surrogacy clinic in Mexico? My husband and I are seriously considering this route. But we don’t want to go with clinics that are only interested in our money. Each clinic in Mexico that I’ve contacted has come back promising really good things, but also I´ve found negative tales about them.

If anyone has surrogacy experience in Mexico? Would like to know if any could share your experience?


I underwent surrogacy program in Mexico. I had four miscarriages so once we were told surrogacy or adoption was our only option for a child we decided to try surrogacy. Our first choice was USA but its too expensive and we were afraid the surrogate mother would want to have our baby. Then we were thinking about India, but after researching we decided that this option wasnt for us. So weve been reading a lot about surrogacy in Mexico. Well we went to Mexico but still hadnt decided what clinic or agency to use. Weve been going to many clinics and agencies and finally we decided on Biotexcom. The thing we liked about their program is that we had unlimited number of attempts, it made us feel secure. We were so scared that it wouldnt work or that they would steal our money but thank God everything is great and now we are the happiest parents in the world. I was in the same boat, but once you decide everything is going to be better, just try and believe that God will bless you and give you a baby.


Congrats on your kid birth! I am so happy for you. I can’t even imagine how happy you feel. When was your baby born? Is it dangerous in Mexico? I’ve got so many questions to ask. My husband and I are doing research about surrogacy in Mexico. There is really not much information on line. It’s a very important step in my life so I wanna be sure everything is going be perfect. Is this the same clinic biotexcom that is in Ukraine? Did you use an egg donor? Are the donors Mexican?


Hi guys,

I’m new here. I’m also looking for a surrogacy in Mexico. I’m glad to find someone who has already got an experience there. I was searching information about this process in Mexico as well, but you are right there isn’t much information. I’m pissed off because of my situation. I have no opportunity to have a kid on my own after the cancer. I just don’t feel real woman. You know I’m afraid my husband doesn’t love me anymore because I’m not the woman he met. It was our dream to create a big family and now all the dreams are destroyed. I wanted to adopt a child but he wants to have a genetic relation with a baby. So the only option for is surrogacy. I want to find the donor who looks like me. Are the donors Mexican? Are there any American donors? I’m so confused.


I know how difficult is to make that kind of choice and how important is to know all the peculiarities before starting the process so if you have anything to ask – feel free. I was afraid to go to Mexico for surrogacy program as well as you, but Villahermosa is a very quiet city and we had a great time there. We enjoyed Mexican culture and their typical food. Our little baby girl is 11 months; she is my reason for living. As far as I know they have European donors, so I guess that´s the same Biotexcom.


Star85Im sorry to hear your story. You do not have to feel this way. As I understood your husband was with you during your illness, wasnt he? And this means a lot. I hope the surrogacy can help you realize your dream about having a big family. Just don´t worry and don´t give up, I´m sure God will bless and soon your family will receive a great gift from God. I know how difficult it can be to make a decision to start surrogacy program, choose the agency because you have to trust these people. I hope the story I shared here can help you. Best wishes!


You´re lucky! I´m happy for you that everything went well and smooth. How often did you get to see your surrogate mother? Was she a good woman? Where did you stay in Mexico? How much time did it take to prepare all the documents? I´m dying to have my kid. I´m sorry to ask you so many questions but I want to know any detail.


Hey girls,

I´m looking for surrogacy in Mexico. I´m a gay. I don´t have a partner but I´m already 36 and I want to have kids. Please don´t judge me. I know many people say that gays have no rights to have a baby, but I´m a human being as you are and I want to become a father. I contacted the agency biotexcom that Charis has mentioned and it says that they do programs for gay couples and for single men so I think to visit them the next week. How did you get to Mexico? What airlines are cheaper? Are there direct flight from US to Mexico? Could you give me the information, please? I´m so nervous.


Thank you for your support. Yeah, my hubby was with me and I appreciate it. Maybe I´m egoistic but It´s unfair that the baby will have just his genes. I think that adoption is a better option because I´ll be able to give someone who needs love, home, but my husband has a different opinion. How often did you go to Mexico to visit you surrogate mum?


Hi guys,

We´ve been to Mexico during the program 5 times. Our surrogate mother is a great woman. She has two sons and we met them, they are so cute little boys. And we´re going to keep in touch with her. Yesterday it was thanksgiving and I called Diana to thank her again for the biggest gift she gave me. Next year we are planning to visit her. Maybe in two years we´re going for the second baby and I hope Diana would like to help us again. I know it sounds egoistic but we really love this beautiful woman. The clinic provides hotel for intended parents. It was very comfortable and nice hotel in the city center. After our baby was born, we stayed in Mexico for 3 weeks.

Dreamer79 I´m glad you have made this decision. It will change your life for good! We live in Miami. We came to Cancun by American Airlines and then we went to Villahermosa. You won´t believe I´m writing you now almost crying, such beautiful memories. Good luck on your journey!


Thank you dear. Yeah, this is the most important step in my life. I can´t wait to start the program. However, there are still many questions. Btw what´s your daughter name? I live in LA and yesterday I bought tickets to Cancun, and then I´m going to Tabasco. I´m so nervous. Is Villahermosa a beautiful city? Are there any restaurants, places of interest? I´m going to spend there a week. Thanks for your help. As I understood Diana is a great woman, I want her to give me a baby too, you´re the lucky one;)


Dreamer79 I´m excited about your trip. I wanna know more details. I hope everything is going to be perfect. Is it necessary to visit Mexico 5 times? I think I´m a paranoid but I´m afraid my husband will fall in love with a surrogate mother. I don´t tell him that because he will be mad. But please can anyone give me a good advice?


Dreamer79 Her name is Naomi. When are you going there? Villahermosa is a beautiful city, there are many places of interest, I´m sure you´ll enjoy it. I fell in love with Mexico. This country is incredible. Diana is such a lovely person. As far as I know woman can be again a surrogate mother after 2-3 years. But for sure you´ll find a lovely surrogate mother. Good luck!


I´ve been to Mexico five times because I find that having more regular contact with our surrogate made me to feel a bit more part of things. Star85 don’t get worked up. Your husband and you should be strong and go through this moment together. I’m sure he loves you. You’ll see this baby will change your life for good. Maybe it’s even better if you talk to your hubby and you won’t have any doubts anymore. I always talk to my husband when I have some doubts.


Hi guys,

I’m new here. Actually, I never write on forums. But when someone has the same problem as me I feel like I need to share with you my experience. I have an infantile uterus. I just can’t carry the pregnancy to term. When my doctor told me that, I was so pissed off. I can’t figure out why me? So the only option for me is surrogacy. We went to Mexico and just checked some agencies and clinics. Biotexcom clinic we liked the most and we didn’t make mistake. The next week our surrogate mother is going to give birth to our son. I’m so excited guys. My hubby and I are in Villahermosa now. I just wanted to share with you this news and maybe it will help someone to make decision. Feel free to ask me anything.


I’m just joking;) I’m going to Mexico on Friday. I can’t wait to make this trip. Every day I’m getting more nervous. Naomi is a very beautiful name. How old is she? Skyfullofstars where are you staying? Did your surrogate mother get pregnant on the first try? It’s wonderful to see successful surrogacy stories. Thanks for your comments and advice though and good luck to everyone with getting your babies you so deserve.


Skyfullofstars I’m so glad for. If you are from US it will take you like 3 weeks to prepare the documents after your baby is born. Have you already chosen your son’s name? Dreamer79 I wish you many blessings.


Hi guys,
I talked to my hubby yesterday. He said that he would never cheat on me and that he wanna be just with me, no matter will we have kids or no. Thank you for your advices. Girls, are your surrogate mothers beautiful? Please, don’t think that I’m crazy, it’s just curiosity.


We are staying in the hotel that the clinic provides. Maybe we will meet in Mexico. That’s great you’re going to start your journey on Friday. I’m sure you will love this country. It’s amazing and it’s hot here, so don’t forget swimming trunks jajaja I’m dying to see my son. We are still can’t decide on his name, we are thinking about Jason or Daniel. What do you think guys? Which is better?


I don’t think that you are crazy but I guess you’re insecure. I know it is freaking difficult to start over or live as if nothing had happened after having this illness but you have to. Do it for you and your husband. As far as I understood, he loves you. Our surrogate mother was a typical mexican woman. I know that some men have crush on latin women, others on slavic, etc. but your husband loves you. Have you already decided what are you going to do?