Hello Everyone,

I have PCOD and trying to conceive from last year
I had my last periods on 29 jan and my 2nd IUI on 13th feb and on 7th day of IUI i.e on 20th I had spotting and on 21st I had bleeding more in the afternoon later not bleeding till now.
I am confused whether it was the implatation bleeding or it was my periods.
I am on susten SR 200 and Evaserve. Doc said to wait till today
please help


Hi, Rina,
I didn’t want your post to be without reply. Probably up to this moment you already know what was happening to you. But still I believe that every bleeding being it mild or heavy isn’t a good sign. It does happen in time of implantation but seems like it is of a pinky colour which can’t be associated with bleeding at all…Sorry for this…
I had such pinky spotting for half a day only once during implantation, but unfortunately my embie couldn’t go on with living further and my pregnancy ended in miscarriage (It happened a year ago). But that spotting was an implantation one, testifying the pregnancy.
I would like to know the continuation of your story, if it’s ok.
Hope you’re well now, honey x


Hi, Rina,
It may be an implantation bleeding. if the bleeding is on and off and spotting appears and if it not normal like regular periods, there could be chances of it is an implantation bleeding. you could better consult your infertility specialist and keep on updating your baby dust here!!!