Consult with RE after bfn


Good afternoon ladies, well I got the call that this FET cycle was again bfn! I don’t understand. I’m losing faith and running out of hope. I was wondering if you ladies had any advice for me on what to ask my RE this time. I’ve run out of ideas and questions and don’t really know anymore. All drs are different so maybe yours did nothing special that helped get your BFP.

Here’s a little background on me… Most of its in my sig.

I am in a same sex relationship so no male issue. I do not have pcos or endometroises. I have normal cycles usually 27-28 days. Ovulate, produce an awesome amount of eggs and always have a great fertilization report. Did have pollyps removed. Response to meds perfectly. Embryo quality good. Nothing is wrong!

Used 3 different donor sperm for each fresh cycle.

2 fresh cycles at one RE, then decided to switch to one out of state.

New RE Did first FET and I had a chemical preg. Did 3rd fresh cycle bfn (re was in complete shock everything was perfect) and now 2nd FET bfn.

I have done all testing for immune system, diabetes, genetics, chromosome, etc. everything is normal!!! So I fall in that % of “unexplained infertility” I’m just not sure what to do anymore, what to think. I almost feel numb from it all. Any suggestions of what I could ask my RE would be greatly apprieciated. I have a phone consult tomorrow at noon since I’m an out of state patient.


My heart breaks for you! its not fair that some of us have to go thru so many (-)s before we get our miracle.
I hope that it happens soon for you!


You’re 22? At thaty age and with repeat implantation failure and an early loss I automatically think of immune issues. I know the doc gave you all the standard immune issues tests, but a specialist in reproductive immune issues like SIRM or Braverman can do more tests.

Good luck!


Xerxella- I saw that there is a SIRM in Dallas, I think I may look into setting up an apt with them. Are you a patient with SIRM? My current RE doesnt believe that blood clotting or immune disorders can cause anything so they dont do any in depth testing for it, just something base and everything was normal. I just keep getting told “unexplained infertility” and “itll adventually happen” well how is that possible when im not being treated for ANYTHING. I will see how my consult goes and will strongly consider making an apt with SIRM. Thanks.


For as young as you are, your retrieved to mature ratio and your fertilization ration (except your second IVF) seem on the low side. Have you asked about that?


essemkay- I have asked about this, apparently based on average this is in the “normal” range.


If Texas is close for you, then I highly recommend Houston IVF - you can check all clinic stats here:

SART: IVF Success Rates

IVF is a frustrating process, but I would not give up hope. It just takes extra time and cycles for some of us.

Best wishes.


I have not tried SIRM, I’ve just heard good things about them. Honestly, as young as you are it would seem you should be having better luck. I would think you’ve already done a number of iui’s? Just my opinion, but I would think a change in centers would be in order. Do some research and find somebody who can at least start to give you some answers. The SART website someone else posted is a great resource. Good luck.


I bet DR. Braverman in NY can help you!