Contemplating using nuvaring


Hello all. I’m pregnant after 4 years & two losses with #1, 17 weeks now. Was contemplating using nuvaring afte baby, I have stage 3 endo, & don’t want to have periods. The only pill I like as far as the migraines they give me is Loestrin 24 (Lo Lo estrin makes me bleed the whole time) but the problem is when I take Lo E 24, my period tries to start the whole last week, even before sugar pils. I’ve had to take 2 of the white pills sometimes just to get it to stop. Since my periods are so painful I can’t work or do anything on them, I need t skip completely & so the pill won’t work for me. Iud scares me I don’t like not having control over what’s in my body, & I also have a tipped uterus & heard its not a good idea. We want to try to have a second baby within 18 mo-2 years of this one (try, not give birth) so I want it to be easy. Anyway, what kind of success have you guys had with using nuva to skip periods? Can husbands feel it? Do you take it out to rinse it off periodically? (It sounds gross to never take it out for a month!) thanks!! Oh & anyone gotten pregnant easily after nuvaring?


I used a nuva ring for about 6 years before we started trying, the last 3 of which I used it continuously to avoid getting my periods for what is likely endo as well (I have never had a lap, but my periods are awful). At first I was putting a new one in every 4 weeks, then I read that the contraceptive protection lasts closer to 6 weeks so I started changing on the 1st of the month. Very easy to remember - one out, one in. My husband never felt it and it never fell out (although I can imagine with a post-partum vagina, that might be more of an issue). I think I felt it for the first few months but then totally forgot about it. I don’t remember taking it out to rinse it off although I know you can do that.

We clearly had difficulty getting pregnant once it was out but that had to do with my DOR, not the ring itself. The only word of caution about using any method to stop your period I would say is that by not having your period, you are not really monitoring your fertility. When I finally went off of it, my periods were very short (1-2 days) and very light and came more frequently than before (every 21-24 days). Apparently this is classic for aging eggs/perimenopause/DOR. Had I started to see these signs before, I might not have waited as long to start trying.