Continue with IUI's? uneasy about IVF


We had an appt with our RE today. We weren’t sure what direction to go in. We’ve had 3 unsuccessful IUI’s. I wasn’t sure if we should up the dose from 100mg of clomid to 150mg (hoping to get 2 follicles and increase chances of :bfp:), move on to injectibles, or needed to start thinking IVF. The doctor said given that I am 30 and DH has a good sperm count she isn’t against trying a few more clomid IUI’s with a dosage of 150mg, if that’s what we want. She said if we were thinking of moving to injectables we should just go to IVF because the chance of multiples would be less. She didn’t seem very confident in continuing the IUI route but said she wasn’t going to push IVF until we were ready. My biggest issue with IVF is that my baby would be made outside my body. I know it’s silly, but I’m having trouble getting past it. Am I wasting my time continuing with IUI’s? Has anyone else had similar feelings about IVF?

Me- 30 hypothyroidism (causing infrequent ovulation)
DH - 35 retrograde ejaculation stemming from type 1 diabetes

IUI 1 - Aug 2011 100mg clomid days 5-9, 2 great follicles, ovidrel shot :bfn:
IUI 2 - Sept 2011 100mg clomid days 5-9, 1 great follicle, ovidrel shot :bfn:
IUI 3 - 100mg clomid days 3-7, 1 great follicles, ovidrel shot :bfn:


Hi Junebug-- I also had a hard time deciding on IVF.I did not want to take it that far, I thought maybe I was not meant to have biological children and maybe I should not ‘mess’ with that. I was firm that I would stop if the IUI’s were unsuccessful. But I finally had to admit that at my age I probably wont get pregnant with IUI. My best shot for a family is IVF. I really,really want a baby so I have come around to just going for it.Of course you are much younger and have a bit of time to think things through. I think moving on to injectables with IUI is the next logical step for you. Would not jump the gun on IVF.
I also think it is worth mentioning that repeated failures are very hard on us emotionally.MY RE said that we could keep going on with the IUI b/c hope springs eternal but he was concerned about the toll it would take. He was right b/c after 3 failed IUI’s I really cant keep this up much longer. I will try 2 IVF cycle and then if it fails it is time to get back to living.Good luck to you!


If it was me, I’d do 3 more IUIs with injections for more targets. Then if no BFPs, move onto ivf. I don’t have the same issues as you feel about ivf though. Good luck with whatever you choose. Also, multiples can be prevented by well monitoring.


Hi Ladies. We decided to try 3 more rounds of IUI’s before moving to IVF. We thought about something our RE said, that because I haven’t been ovulating and b/c of my husbands retrograde, the past 3 IUI’s we had are kind of like a couple w/o our issues trying to conceive. It can take a couple w/o fertility issues 3-6 months. Thinking about it like that made 3 more IUI’s seem reasonable.
Thank you both for your support! It really helps being able to express these thoughts to people who understand how draining the process can be. I wish you both the best of luck too!