COnvertible Car seat


Sine the DH got a job we now need 2 more carseats (one for his car and one for my moms car)…they both will not be used very often as my car is the main car that he is in (with my mom they may go to the store and Dh will use his car maybe 2x a week to pick him up). Any ideas on a SAFE, comfy cheaper converitble seat. We spent over 200 on the one in my car but I cant afford anothe 400 right now!


I love my Graco My Ride 65! It rear faces up to 45lbs, forward faces up to 65lbs and is plush and comfy! It’s $120 at Walmart with 97 cent shipping to your house. I don’t know if that’s still too pricey for you, but I do love it!


Depends on how much you want to spend. I will second the recommendation for the My Ride 65. It runs from the low to mid 100’s. For an even cheaper alternative, the Cosco Scenera is the “go to” seat for being inexpensive and a quality seat. It is around $50.


We were also looking for an affordable, yet sturdy convertible car seat…we really love our Graco My Ride. The baby seems happy in it, it seems safe, and sturdy…and the price was right. We only paid about $140 with tax figured in.