Cooper Institute in New Jersey - anyone get IVF there


They are cheaper than anywhere else that I know. They also do the minimal stimulation ivf.


Yes in 2007. Highly recommend!!! Previously told our only option was donor eggs due to my age/fsh levels. Went to Cooper became pregnant 1st IVF cycle. Our daughter turned two in August.


I am going there!!! We haven’t done IVF yet but are in our 2ww from our second IUI and really like everyone there! I hope you like it too!


Did the Mini @ the end of Sept. & am currently 7 weeks pregnant. Two other ladies in the October IVF forum also went to Cooper and got :bfp: s.

I love Dr. Check & most of the nurses are great too. But the front desk - forget it - total idiots. If you can deal with that, you’ll be fine.

Good Luck!!


I live in NC and I have an apt with Dr. Brasile on the 19th. It is a phone consult. The consult is I think they said $300.00. They said insurance will not cover phone consult. They said that Dr. Check will not do phone consults. I want to go ahead and go through mini ivf. I will be starting my period on the 21st. Im hoping that they will let me start the ivf that cycle. I want to get my monitoring around here since I live so far away. What test will they make me get done before going through mini ivf? Thanks so much.


Anyone else have ivf through Cooper?