Coping after a loss


Hi Ladies,
I am new to this so I’m not too sure how this whole chat thing works but I figured I would try it out to see what happens. My husband and I tried to get pregnant on our own and it finally happened on month 11. Unfortunately, 2 months later the pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Shortly after, we started with Boston IVF and did 2 IUI cycles which did not work. The doctor said that we had unexplained infertility. I am 33 year old and my husband’s sperm levels and mobility are great. I just went through my first round of IVF using Lupron, Gonal F and Ovidrel and had 14 eggs retrieved in which 9 eggs fertilized. On day 3, all eggs had minimal fragmentation but did not go beyond 4 cells. I ended up having 2 embryos transferred but they could not freeze the remaining 7 embryos. A week later I thought I got my period but apparently when I went in for blood I had a 2.7 hcg level. I went in again and my level went up to 9 and just got a call yesterday that my level went up to 16. My doctor has told me that this will not turn into a viable pregnancy because the levels are too low and could be an indicator of an etopic pregnancy or a chemical pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone before? I was supposed to go into my next round of IVF in November but I can’t continue until my hcg levels go below 5. I am starting to get really frustrated with this whole process and feeling pretty down on myself that this is my fault. My doctor said that after this last round he could see that there is an issue with embryo quality and is going to add Luveris to my next cycle to help with that. Any success stories out there using this protocol?


I am so sorry to hear – I have never tried the IVF but our fertility dr said that would likely be our only chance - or me finding a new partner. She was so rude. I wish you luck!