I’ve noticed some ladies who have taken CoQ10 as a supplement. What is the benefit of CoQ10 and how does that improve women who suffer with infertility? Any success :bfp: stories taking this supplement.

Love to hear from you.



It’s supposed to help boost your egg quality.


Yes, it’s supposed to help w/ egg quality. I took one 100 mg CoQ10 daily for my Nov IVF cycle (starting about a month out). I didn’t respond terribly well to stimming and only had 5 eggs retrieved, 4 of them mature. But they were excellent quality. All 4 fertilized and all 4 made it to the Day 3 ET date (we transferred only 2 though). My beta appt is in 5 days but I’ve been seeing :bfp: on my hpts the past 3 days. That’s my experience!


MY DH and I also took CoQ10 for this cycle…and I’m almost 30 weeks :preg:


Out of all of the supplements that get mentioned on these boards, my RE only recommends antioxidants and mentioned CoQ10 specifically.

I have been taking 200 mg CoQ10 2x per day and Royal Jelly with honey (1 tsp 2x per day - my idea, not RE’s) since end of July. If supplements are going to help your egg quality, it supposedly takes 3 months to take effect since your follicles take that long to fully form.

My Nov IUI is the first cycle after that 3 month window, and I got a BFP. Could it be coincidence? Certainly. There is no way to know for sure. But since I have not heard of lots of side effects from CoQ10 (unlike other supplements like DHEA), IMHO it wouldn’t hurt to try it. Good luck!