Cord Blood Banking - To Bank or Not To Bank?


Hi Ladies,

DH and I have been discussing the possibilities of banking our baby’s cord. But up to this point, DH has not even begun to research and look into the banking. So I started to do the research the last couple of weeks. And gosh! I must say it’s so overwhelming! The pros and cons, the reviews and experiences from other people who did the banking, the controversies of public vs private banking…eeeeks! There’s so much to consider and it’s so costly! So I want to be absolutely confident in making this decision. Stress~~~~~

None of my friends opted to do the banking. So I have no advice from fellow friends.

Are you doing the cord blood banking?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


– Lilacs


You’ll probably get lots of responses that will be more eloquent than mine; in fact there was a similar thread maybe a month or two ago and some of the posters put it on there very understandably.

First, try not to base your decision on whether or not to bank at all from private cord blood banks. They are in the business of making money and will use the scare / guilt factor to do it. Look for websites from hospitals, cancer societies, the American Academy of Pediatrics, etc…

Second, almost every disease they claim can be cured by cord blood, can only be cured by someone else’s cord blood, because the genetic predispostion or cause that gave the disease to the patient in the first place will still be in the genes of the cord blood for that same patient.

Third, according to OBs and delivery room nurses I’ve heard from, there frequently is not enough cord blood gathered to actually be useful even if the situation were to arise.

OK, now here’s my personal story… I’m a pediatrician and my step-daughter has leukemia. But DH and his first wife banked her cord blood, so they were counting on being able to use that should chemotherapy fail. But when they brought it up to her oncologist, they got the shocking news that, as I mentioned earlier, they couldn’t use her cord blood becuase of its genetic predisposition toward leukemia. When we found out we were pregnant, his ex was trying to insist that we bank our DDs cord blood in case my step-daughter needed it (thankfully since then she’s completed chemo and is 2 years into remission…). So I really looked into it a lot. I mean our daughter would have a half-sister who had an illness that might potentially be cured by her cord blood! So, one of the fellow IVFers that time had a DH who was a pediatric oncologist, and I asked him. He said even in that case it really wasn’t likely that a) they’d need the cord blood, b) be a close enough genetic match to use, or c) that there’d be a great enough quantity to use. He said that even in that specific case he would not recommend private cord blood banking.

Now public cord blood banking is important - anyone who has the need can use the cord blood. It still might not be a sufficient quantity, but the other problems are not there. The issue is that only certain hospitals across the country will do cord blood banking, so if you don’t deliver at one of them, you can’t publicly bank (unless something new has come up in the last 2 years)

Good luck with your decision! Just try to follow advice from impartial sources…



I’m a leukemia research nurse at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. I do not think the cost of private cord banking is worth it. The previous post is so true. The chances of actually using your babies own cord blood if diagnosed with a chronic disease is rare. We donated my son’s cord blood. It was top priority for me, as I know many patients who have received cord blood transplants. Some have been successful and others have not. My reasoning is why not donate something that will just be thrown away. Some hospitals in smaller cities don’t give the donation option. I donated our son’s to the hospital I work. They are contracted with alot of the L & D departments at hospitals in our area.


Thanks ladies. There’s just so much to consider and look into before making a decision. I am going to continue to do more reading and research.


[U]I know it is costly but i think people should focus on the child rather than the money.Am i wrong?[/U]