Cost for procedure


Hi All,
We had been to RE (second opinion), she examined all our reports and told that she wants second round of tests(SA,SHG(sonohysterogram) and bloodwork(AMG,FSH,…))
Once we get the results, she told she would start on clomid with assisted reproduction. My insurance deductible is very high($2500). And only bloodwork is covered, the SHG and SA costs should be beared by me(which would be nearly $700). I wanted to the cost of Ultrasound and Bloodwork that are done while taking clomid.
Should I wait for until I get my new insurance in April where only the diagnostics are covered, but the deductible is low?
I am confused, pls suggest me LL
Thank you!


Good question!

If I’m reading your information properly, it seems like your current insurance will only cover the bloodwork, and you have a high deductible. Your new insurance in April will cover more, with a lower deductible, is that correct?

If so, I think I would be inclined to wait until April, while TTC naturally until then. You never know, you might get a :bfp: between now and then.

Best wishes to you!


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what is a good insurance company to go thur that helps cover IVF


my understanding is that it is not necessarily the insurance company–but what the employer plan covers. we have aetna thru dh work. coverage would prob vary from company to company. so someone else with aetna would possibly have different coverage.


[FONT=Calibri][SIZE=2]If your blood work is covered at 100% with your current insurance my opinion would be to complete those (AMG & FSH). Then in April complete the SHG. I’m not sure if your new insurance would cover a SHG under diagnostics??? Depending on what your RE is looking for??? My insurance wouldn’t cover my RE doing an SHG but they would cover it if I went to an out patient facility. Go figure.[/SIZE][/FONT]