Cost of IVF @ UCSF


I’m planning to call UCSF tomorrow for an initial appointment.

Has anyone received IVF treatment at UCSF and can let me know what the approximate cost is for a single or two cycle of IVF would cost? I’ve heard that it costs anywhere between 30- 80K and I’m not sure if this is exaggerated because my friend did hers in Dublin for about $25K, 2 cycles of IVF.

I would appreciate any info as I’m a little lost and frightened after I read on mixed reviews about different doctors on yelp…


Hi, I am on my first cycle. I didn’t go to UCSF, but I am also from the bay area. 80K is definitely exaggerating. I would say, the cost for a single cycle can go from 9K to 13K. Medication is about 4K. If you decide to do ICSI and CGH, that’s 8K extra. But it’s only an option. So in worst case, if your insurance doesn’t cover anything, one single cycle can’t go more than 30K. If you have extra fertilized eggs from egg retrieval, your second try shouldn’t be more than 5K.