Could fibroids that are outside of the uterine cavity cause miscarriages


I have known I have fibroids since before I started fertility treatments. I have numerous doctors (OBGYN, 2 REs, several ultrasound techs, 2 Physician Assistants) who have told me that they are outside of my uterine cavity and do not cause implantation issues. But could these fibroids (2 fibroids measuring 1.5-2.5 mm or cm I think) causing repeated miscarriages?

Do you have fibroids that are outside of your uterine cavity and have been able to carry your pregnancy to full term?



I believe depending on the size & location it can stay. What state are you in? If you’re interested I’d like to give you my RE info. Maybe he can give you a second opinion? It’s 300 & he’ll go over all your medical history you send him. He’ll do an over the phone or Skype if you’re out of state. Jay Nemiro Scottsdale, AZ. He’s been very good to us. We started seeing him november 2012. Best wishes I hope you get your answers & THB.


I had a 9 cm fibroid outside the uterus. I was TTC and my RE told me that I am not able to conceive due to the fibroid. He also mentioned that if I ever get pregnant with the fibroid still in there, I would most likely have a miscarriage. It depends on the location of the fibroid and the size. There are many women who get pregnant and successfully deliver with fibroids in the uterus. But they are small I guess. I had a surgery to remove the fibroid. Even then I have not been able to get pregnant yet.


I have a 2cm fibroid outside my uterus. Bottom left.
It got the size of a qrapefruit during my pregnancy. I really believe its the location.


Hi Logan. Did it cause you any complications?


I dont think I have any more energy nor motivations to try so hard. During the course of our TTC, we have seen 3 REs. Plus your RE is out of state, I am in Georgia. Thank you though.


I didn’t have any complications…Mas would push on that side sometime and it was uncomfortable. My sister also have to fibroids on the outside of her uterus and she have 5 kids


I do know a couple of women from my second trimester loss/premature rupture of the membranes group that believe the cause of their loss was from fibroid(s) and/or the removal of them during pregnancy. Just letting you know. It is something I would talk more with you RE or a MFM about.


Definitely get opinion

I had fibroids in all sorts of locations during my first IVF pregnancy (not surprising given that I had had a major myomectomy-removal of fibroids- five years before so I knew they could come back). My RE had seen them while we prepped for IVF and had noted location and size and was not concerned, so you definitely need your RE to ultimately tell you whether it is concern because it is all about location location location.My small fibroids, upon inundation of prengancy hormones from my positive IVF, went a bit nuts and to quote my RE, “my uterus looked like a blackberry with them”. One of them also grew quite large and they monitored it closely. Like one of the other posters noted, the main thing I found was that it just caused me pain later in pregnancy when my son kicked it or hit against it. You would probably have more ultrasounds if they saw any fibroids during the pregnancy that they wanted to watch, but many women do have them when pregnant. Most the time they flatten out and don’t cause issues.Just so you know, after I had my son, my “large” fibroid disappeared or shrunk down to minimal size, same with the other ones. When we tried for our Frozen Transfer 12 months later, no one even mentioned my fibroids except the technician who did my dreaded HSG to check for issues before we proceeded with the transfer (i.e. primarily fibroids and location/size within uterus). And apparently there were no big ones that were measured at my monthly ultrasounds (I had to because I was advanced maternal age and had high blood pressure with prior pregnancy), so my second pregnancy was much easier and while there were fibroids probably there, the doctors and specialists weren’t talking about them or monitoring them.But most important, your RE and ob/gyn really need to answer that question and you need to do the most in depth testing you can to ensure they have located and measured all potentially problematic fibroids. Good luck!


I had a whole bunch of fibroids and I carried my son to 38 weeks. I always looked more pregnant than I acutally was because of the fibroids but they didn’t cause me any serious discomfort. Early on, having the fibroids made it harder to do the ultrasound because they block some of the radio waves necessary to get the best image. The concern was always that if the blood supply got cut of to the fibroids it could become very painful. That never happened to me.


Thanks ladies. If anyones else have any other stories, I appreciate you sharing. Does anybody know if taking chinese herbs / using castor oil can help shrink fibroids?


When I was diagnosed with fibroid, I was shocked and scared to death thinking about the surgery. I did a lot of online research to see if there were any natural remedies. I did not find any concrete information. Plus, who knows how much time will it take to get rid of it with herbs!
Body clock was already ticking on me, so I gathered courage to go for a myomectomy.


How do you get myomectomy covered by insurance that doesnt cover infertility? I dont have pain whatsoever and several doctors (4 doctors, several PA and ultrasound techs) told me they’re outside of the uterine cavity and do not cause problems. And they’re small. I think i would have to lie to my doctor and told her I have bleeding and pain from the fibroids for her to take it out.


Infertility is not covered in my insurance but myomectomy was covered… doc saw fibroid even before he and i knew i had infertility problems… so insurance company had no records of my infertility whatsoever. later i got scar tissues due to myomectomy and i had to go through a laparoscopy to remove them. that is when the doc found my tubes were blocked, thus leaving me infertile. no tests after that point have been covered by the insurance… :frowning:
In your case too, myomectomy should be covered. you think it may be one of the reasons for miscarriages but insurance guys dont. if u say fibroids are causing u discomfort, it will be considered like any other health issue.