Could I be?


Today is CD31 and there is no sign of AF showing her ugly face. But for the last 2 weeks I have been feeling really nauseous and vomiting and for the last 4 days been having diarrhea (sorry tmi) My breasts have been sore, especially on the sides. My cm has either been watery or like ewcm, I have never had ewcm before. Could I actually be pregnant? I’m too afraid to test…


Certainly your symptoms sound promising! I will say, however, that it’s not likely anything had implanted as early as two weeks ago, unless you ovulated very early. Now I don’t remember seeing what treatment you went through, if any, so some of those symptoms could be due to that. If you had a trigger shot, for instance, that can push off a period by a little bit. But especially if you had an early implanter, you might be feeling the symptoms you describe already! When does your period usually start? You might want to give it a few days past the expected first day, just to avoid the rollercoaster of testing too early, and then take an HPT or go in for a beta. HPTs are most accurate if you wait until a few days after the first day of your missed period–even the ones that say you can use them 5 days before typically start off with just over a 50% accuracy rate and don’t hit their advertised 99% rate or whatever until almost a week after. They write that all hidden on the box. :.) But if you’re feeling symptoms and it is due to pregnancy, I’d think an HPT should be able to pick it up! Here’s :cross: for you!