Could I just try being happy during ovulation only?


A theory I read in the research I have done is that stress can cause infertility issues.

In general I am pretty stressed, which I am trying hard to get a control of.

But, I was wondering…when I am ovulating, what if I rented out heaps of funny movies and things so my body wasn’t stressed at that particular time?

Or, does the stress affect not only the fertilisation, but also the implantation?

It sounds silly, I know, but I am wondering if it might be worth a shot. We’re looking at IVF next year anyways, so for now I’m just chilling out and relaxing and taking a break from actually “trying”.


I was told the best case scenario is to be stress free from ovulation until your second trimester. (easier said than done I know) I am going to acupuncture once a week now because even if parts of my week are stressful at least I will have a little time of relaxation.


I’ve tried getting a massage around that time. Very relaxing!:bsv:


I was under heaps of stress during our fertility treatments, because of the and my husbands impending kidney transplant. Infact by the time the transplant came I didn’t think I could be any more stressed!

After his transplant we took a break because we were both so exhausted, and we needed to focus on him getting better. We even booked a vacation to Ireland to mark his 6 months post transplant. Now I have gotten the advice to “take a vacation and forget about trying so hard” and I did want to punch those people at times, but this is when we actually got pregnant! On our own (well, with the use of progesterone only) during a time when we were simply being happy instead of stressed to the max.

I’m not saying the vacation did it, but I went from feeling stressed out and upset a lot of the time, to just accepting everything and letting go a lot of the upset feelings. We had also started exercising (road biking, a great de-stresser) and I think that helped me too, as I lost some of the weight from treatments.

Anyway, I guess I would say if you think a heap of funny movies will help you to laugh and de-stress do it! For me it was biking that de-stressed me, and the trip was just a one time really awesome thing to do together. I personally feel like the lack of stress in our lives gave us an edge in getting pregnant. Best of luck! :babydust: :babydust: