Could this be a negative sign


Okay ladies… I’m scared today I’ve been having a lot of low pressure when I’m up too long and just had brown discharge. Is this a bad thing? Honestly. I don’t need sugar coating. I’ve been feeling very normal for the past few days. My boobs even feel fine.

It’s not bleeding or cramping. Just pressure and brown gooey discharge.

I’m scared. I’m only 8dp3dt and it’s too early to test.



I wouldn’t worry as long as its brown. Brown = old blood. It “could” be implantation spotting. I can honestly say i didn’t get sore boobs or any pregnancy symptoms until i was 6-7 weeks along. Goodluck!! :pray:


Honestly, symptoms, lack of symptoms, symptoms that disappear and come back, symptoms that disappear and never return, etc., etc., you can’t rely on any of that.

Good luck!


try not to think about it, there’s no point worrying yourself into a frenzy since you cant test for a little while, try and take your mind off it, good luck x


Thank you.

I’m so sore today. I just want to stay home and do nothing and let my body rebound

I’m hoping that it will be okay for my beta on Friday.


So they are adding oral estrogen to my meds. In addition to the four patches and crinone. I’m going to be supper charged soon. I hope it works. Lots of prayers and candles are being lit today.


i’m thinking good thoughts for you.


I am feeling better today. After the extra estrogen! The cramping /pain is just a twinge at my ovary where they took the eggs and the brown stuff is much lighter in color and not happening nearly as much at all.

I’m really hoping that this is a good sign that this occurred. Maybe something is growing in me. I have to have faith in they. I have to believe. But I won’t test. I still may be a slow responder to implant. But maybe my issue is more with my body’s ability to respond to a pregnancy and its not just egg quality.

The nurse did tell me something interesting… They have read that women on crinone sometimes need to take extra estrogen especially of there is spotting. And if we are maxed out on patches that pills will work as additional support. And while there are no significant studies to show why… They know it won’t hurt or cause any issues. So the nurse called it in based on her research. And I’m happy even though I feel like a woman full of raging hormones.

So I’m still praying :pray: and hoping for good news. I only have to wait three more days.


Wishing you the best!:cross:


Praying for you! looking forward to hearing your wonderful BETA on friday!


I really hope so! I want this so badly and all I can do is obsess about it. But I won’t POAS. My luck it will be a BFN and I will be devastated. And who knows… I may have another low beta like last time. I know my stress level at work has been about the same. I just wish these hormones did not mess with you so much.


Sending good baby vibes your way!