Could this be a negative sign


Okay ladies… I’m scared today I’ve been having a lot of low pressure when I’m up too long and just had brown discharge. Is this a bad thing? Honestly. I don’t need sugar coating. I’ve been feeling very normal for the past few days. My boobs even feel fine.

It’s not bleeding or cramping. Just pressure and brown gooey discharge.

I’m scared. I’m only 8dp3dt and it’s too early to test.



Honestly I had pressure when standing and after sitting for awhile, going to stand up I’d feel a pressure or a “pulling” almost that was uncomfortable. That was how I knew I was pregnant because I felt it both times. I also had brown discharge, almost purple at times and sometimes when I peed I would see specks of it in the toilet and freak out. I bled a tad too which they said was my uterus cleaning itself out prepping for a pregnancy.
No clue if it’s the same for you, but I experienced the same thing and it was positive for me so I’m wishing you the best! :cross:


Thank you for the responses. The help. I now have some cramping. I have been in bed for 4 hours now. So I’m hoping it will pass and that it is all a good sign.

Im still scared and worried. :pray: