Could use some friendly encouragement :)


Hello ladies! It’s been a while since I’ve been round these parts, but so glad to have this place to come to in times of need! I am about 4 days away from my pg test after having a 5 day donor egg blast transfer. Both were starting to hatch too! I had my transfer on Labor Day (hopefully a sign!) and had abdominal tightness and slight random cramping till Friday at some point. It’s since stopped as the weekend has gone on. I’ve had no implantation bleeding, and am starting to get worried. Ridiculous I know… Which is why I’m here. I just needed to be around my fellow warriors who truly know what this is like vs the support from those closest to me. I greatly appreciate those around me, but we all know unless you’ve walked in our shoes, it’s hard to really understand… I’m sad I haven’t seen any implantation bleeding! Crazy I know! I had a HPT in my hand this morning to take, but I put it back. I just heard my hubby’s disappointing voice in my head if I had caved. ARGH!!! I just don’t know what to think and how the heck I’m going to get thru these next few days! I should have my test Wednesday but lucky me, I have jury duty, so I have to wait a day longer! Lol. TORTURE!!! Anywho… Thanks for letting me rant. Jen Bowes


Omg that tag is so old! I’m 38 now with still no luck yet.


i didnt have implantation spotting until after my beta on 9dp5dt (it was 119). good luck!


I didn’t have implantation bleeding (or ANY bleeding at all) with baby #1 or this current pregnancy. In fact, like many people around here, I think I had slightly less symptoms this time than I did with my BFNs. I think the progesterone causes so many fake symptoms, I just learned to ignore them all!

Hope this is your month. Sounds like you had great blasts and I wish you all the best! I am a POAS addict, so I can’t give you any support there…I say GO FOR IT! :wink: My line never went away with my IVF transfer…I hold on to that trigger shot FOREVER…but it definitely started getting a little darker at 6 days past transfer. But, everyone is different and it was slower with my son. HANG IN THERE!!!


Jen Bowes,

I’m with Francesca13… I say go for it!!! I’m a peeoholic!!! LOL.

On another note, I NEVER have implantation bleeding, but I always have cramps. It is your time this go around!!! Just stay positive please!!! On 8dp6dt my beta was 499, so TRUST ME when I say, there is hope!!! I didn’t think it would be that high and neither did my Intended Father’s, but we are very happy!!! My next beta is tomorrow and it will be 12dp6dt… we shall see!!!


Thanks everyone! It helps a lot. :). My husband REALLY doesn’t want me testing early, so I’m doing my best to respect that. Lol. I know a lot of the side effects I’m feeling are from the progesterone, so I’m trying not to put too much stock in them. It’s just been weird how differently I felt yesterday and today compared to earlier in the week. Maybe implantation was done and we’re just moving onto the next part. Lol And it has to be a good sign that they were already hatching too even before the transfer? It has to be right?! Lol. I was just doing so good with not obsessing until now! Lol. Now I can’t turn my brain off!


Implantation bleeding only happens in 25-30% of pregnancies so…no worries!


Fingers crossed for you! :slight_smile: You are a strong woman to be able to walk away from that pee stick! Way to go!


Thanks for that stat Jenny Rae! That made me feel better. :). It just seems like everyone’s always talking about it, so I feel like I should see it too! Lol I have such a different kind of hope this time using donor eggs… I dunno. Maybe I’m just setting myself up to fall even that much harder. NO! This did work, I will get my BFP and it will be twins dammit! Lol.


I’m 10 weeks with my baby #1, and I was so convinced that our IVF cycle was a bust because I had no implantation bleeding, and attributed all of my symptoms to the progesterone… but here I am! :slight_smile: So don’t give up. Also, my hubby really didn’t want me to test, but I broke down 2 days before my beta to take a HPT. I just didn’t want to hear the news, which ever way it could have gone, from the IVF nurse. I wanted this one thing to be a private moment that I could deal with on my own. In the end my hubby accepted that.


Like many have said, I also had no implantation bleeding for baby # 1 or this current pregnancy. And I only always test once but I say if you want to test early do it. Pretty sure the women are the ones doing more in this process so it is our call!


Well ladies… I took the test. I didn’t even fully do it correctly and 2 lines showed!!! I’m in shock!!!


WOO HOO!! congratulations!


AHHHH!!! YAY!!! Getting a BFP is the best feeling EVER!! I swear, I think getting the BFP with my son was better than my wedding day, the day he proposed, and the day our son was born. Those were all amazing experiences, but getting a BFP when you think it isn’t possible is a true miracle. Enjoy every moment!

Now promise us you won’t take more tests and freak out if they aren’t as dark. Remember that there’s inconsistency between tests, even of the same brand!! Go have a glass of Perrier to celebrate. Am so excited for you!!!


Well i was going to get a test on the way home today just to verify yesterday (since i know i didnt do it 100% correctly) then no more till my bloodwork thursday!! lol


Well I took a test the correct way and got another positive!!! Now just praying for a strong beta number Thursday!!!


That’s wonderful! Fingers crossed for a high beta!


Can’t wait to hear your beta!


CONGRATS!!! im waiting for my beta 9/14… i havent had any implantation bleeding either… just nipple tenderness and have gotten those little bumps on them too and my breast have swollen some causing those veins to pop out a bit… also have had cramping and bloating. but i just dont know what to attribute to the progesterone shots!!! this is a great forum im happy u created it!!! hearinig positive things is always nice when ur going through this!!


The beta number is in… 151!!! My Dr said thats a great number! Now i have to go obsess over other beta numbers LOL