Cramping 14 weeks


I woke up this morning and my whole abdominal area feels crampy, but not like menstral cramps. Is this normal? I don’t have any signs of blood and baby has a heart beat of 145ish (I have a doppler). Should I be worried? It has been going on the entire day. I tried to call the doc. but offices are closed for the holiday. If it continues tomorrow I will call then. I don’t want to go to the E.R. Anyone have this before. Could it be my uterus stretching?


The cramping could be constipation, but could be the uterus growing or something else. Also, I remember early in my 2nd trimester, I felt sharp pokes/cramps in my lower abs and he dr said it could be my digestive system or expanding uterus.

As far as your dr office not being open for the holidays, there should be a triage nurse on duty with beeper you could page after hrs. At your next apt, you might want to ask if they have an after hrs emergency number so you’ll have it for future reference.


Thanks for the input. There will be a dr. on call, but usually they are not any help as there are many ob’s and some are worthless in my opinion. I don’t have any sharp pains or pain in a particular area.