Cramping 5dp3dt


Hello ladies,
So I just started getting period like cramping and I am 5dp3dt. I’m freaking out that I’m going to get my period and this is going to end in a bfn. Has anyone had cramping this early and went on to have a bfp?


Many ladies talked about that and they got their could be implantation cramping.
I went through your signature and saw you had your bfp when you used neupogen, but it didn’t work out. Did your dr discover a reason? Are you using neupogen this time as well?

Good luck!


I had cramping the entire 2ww and beyond. BAD cramping like worse than my usual AF. I had to take tylenol and usually even around AF I don’t need pain meds. I even spotted 7 and 8dp5dt. I am now nearly 31 wks pregnant so…

I have seen many ladies on here say they did this and thought for sure AF was coming (as did I) and yet they were pregnant.
:cross: it is a good sign for you!! :babydust: :babydust:


Thank you ladies for responding. Yes I am using neupogen again, my RE believed that I need a higher dosage this time bc with the m/c last time my cells were still slightly elevated. I am currently on double the dosage of neupogen (42 iu) and prednisone, and intralipids.