cramping after beta


I had my FET beta today which was 8dp5dt and my levels were all good. My beta was 112 and my progesterone and estrogen levels looked good too. The thing is I started cramping some last night and had a little almost unoticable brown spotting. The cramping and spotting stopped then started back this morning. I told the np when I went for my beta this morn and she checked me for a yeast infection, baterial vaginosis and did a cervical swab. She said she did not see anything coming from my cervix but that my cervix looked irritated. She called later and told me that my beta was positive, that my levels were good, that I don’t have a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis but that the cervical won’t be back till tommorrow or the next day. Now the cramping has come back and a little spotting off and on. Has anyone else experienced this? I am so worried about losing this baby. We have lost 3 already. If you did spot and cramp, how long did it last? Also we transferred two. Could one be implanting late? Just wondering. Would appreciate any help. Thanks.


babydoll: I did have some minor spotting, and I actually cramped until I was 9 weeks off and on. (And, my 3 are super!) Sometimes it was very strong, and others it was just like minor cramping, like I was getting ready to start my cycle. Hang in there. Your levels are great!


Thank you so much for your response. It makes me feel better. I’m not really cramping right now, just more of an achey feeling. I’m hoping my little bean or beans are just growing fast. Maybe those cramps will stay away and the spotting. Thanks for the hope. I appreciate it so much.


Try not to stress (I know that’s impossible!). The cramping is completely normal, mine lasted until about 9 weeks as well. As for the spotting, it’s scary as hell but apparently it’s really common with pregnancies from fertility treatments. I had it until about 6 weeks. I had 3 episodes of proper bleeding as well. I locked myself in my room each time and bawled my eyes out thinking that it was the end but as you can see from my signature I now have 2 healthy and happy 4 month old babies that are the light of my life! Wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months! :flower:


Thank you so much Sarah. Hearing its more common than I thought makes me feel better.


Hi… For some reason, I’ve heard that spotting is much more likely with an FET than a fresh transfer. I had an FET on October 28 and my first beta this past Saturday, which was also a BFP. I was actually spotting very heavily when I had my first beta, and was shocked it was positive! Yesterday I had very minimal brown spotting again and my nurse says it’s totally normal. I’m being told as long as it isn’t bright red, it’s nothing to worry about.


I had brown spotting with all 3 of my cycles. I was also told as long as it’s not bright red not to worry. With the 2 chemicals it got heavier and heavier and eventually turned red. With this pregnancy it never got heavier and was off and on - I would see if for a couple days then it would stop for a few days and start again. Eventually it just stopped after several weeks.

I also had cramping with this pregnancy from a couple days after transfer until 7 or 8 weeks along.

Good luck! :cross: