Cramping After Embryo Transfer


I am on my 2ww with my 2nd IVF. I am 6 days post transfer, and having some cramping. Has anyone experienced cramping several days after transfer and got a POSITIVE Pregnancy test???



yep. 3 times!:cross:


Thank you very much Maryevelyn!:pray:


I’m 6dp3dt right now, and I’m having some cramping too! Lets hope its good news for both of us!


I had severe period like cramping at 6dp3dt for about 20 minutes to where I was doubled over in pain. You can see my signature for the results :slight_smile:
GOOD LUCK!!! :bsv::bsv::bsv:



I had significant cramping during my 2WW. I now believe the cramping was a function of implantation. Good luck sending baby dust your way.:babydust:


I had some cramping during my 2ww, and look at my siggy now. :woohoo:


I had some bad cramping and called my nurse, she said it may actually be a good thing…and sure enough, it was! Hopefully you’re little embie is snuggling in tight!! :cross:


I’ve also had on-and-off cramping, similar to menstrual cramps, that started 3dp3dt. I’ve also had pretty constant lower back pain since that same day. My beta is not until later this week, but I’ve had 7 hpts since 7dp3dt that are all :bfp: !!


…Hello I Am post 3day tranfer and i have been feelin alot of cramping lately also… i haven’t seen any spotting ang i have been worried. Hopefully from everything that i am reading is that it is the IMPLANTATION process…:bsv: :bsv: I dnt go for my Two weekblood test until 12/10…noy do i have a long wait…:cross: