Cramps after ET?


Did any of you go through cramps right after ET? I just had mine yesterday and since then I’ve been cramping. I also have this ache on the left side of my ribs which I get during pms. :frowning: Isn’t it early to have even pms symptoms? I’m not due for at least another ten days.


I had bad cramps after my ET and Frozen ETs as well. They lasted around 2 days for each one. I think it’s fairly common so I wouldn’t stress over it. All of my pregnancies felt like I was getting my period so even if the cramps don’t subside, don’t count yourself out. Wishing you all the best! :flower:


I had cramps after my ET too. Assuming you went through a fresh cycle, it’s also your ovaries shrinking back down and things returning to normal. My cycle this month did not work, but I have had two natural pregnancies and I had cramps with both. I was convinced I was getting my period with both up until the day or day after it was due. Still too early for you to tell! One thing I’ve read on these boards is that cramps are common and happen for many reasons… hang in there!


thanks. Yes, I had a fresh mini ivf cycle.