Crazy bad O pains!


I had my IUI at 10am on this Saturday 11/12. Was 24 hours after hcg shot. Starting at about 12pm my whole pelvis area has to crampy! Felt
Extremely swollen and (beware tmi) I felt like my whole reproductive organ was going to just fall out of my crotch! The pain eventually went away later that night around 10pm.
Ok my question is, is this normal?! Was that O pains or was it maybe from the IUI? I do typically have O cramps when I do ovulate, however not like this.


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I’ve done 3 IUIs. The first one I had no pain. The 2nd one was awful and I was in pain for about 24 hours (and still had to :dance: as directed - NOT fun). The 3rd one was painless like the first.[/FONT]
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS]I don’t know what was different about the second one, but that was the only one I had discomfort from. I would call your RE just to be sure all is ok.[/FONT]