Crinone 8% vaginal progesterone gel & Estrace Info Please :)


Hi everyone,

Can some of you ladies who has used Crinone before let me know the best way to use it and what kind of side effects to be prepared for. I have to start it the day before my embryo transfer. I also have to add Estrace 7 days after egg aspiration.

Any advice or info would be great, thanks, Dana


My RE’s office recommends estrace tab in the morning and crinone before bed…I am a nurse and constantly on my feet, so I was worried about…ahem…leakage :). Also, you have to “clean out” the gunk left from the crinone every few days. Joys of TTC! The only side effect that I have noticed is really sore boobs.


I am currently on Crinone. When you place in the applicator, don’t stick it all the way up because you can cause a lot of irritation… stick it in the “width” of two fingers, then squeeze. You shouldn’t just lay down or sit around after placing it in (if possible). It’s absorbed more quickly when there’s friction. So for me, I get up in the morning and put it in, then I’m walking around getting ready for work so it’s absorbed. After a few day of being on it, you will start to notice some white clumping inside and sometimes when you wipe. I initially thought it was a yeast infection, but my RE checked me out and it was just the build up of the crinone. So I usually clean it out at least once a day (when I’m in the shower). My RE said I can just kinda swipe around in there with my finger to get out excess clumping.


It’s pretty gross and leaves a buildup inside and can get really irritating! I never thought I’d say this but, the PIO shots are better!


I guess I’m a rare case. I’ve used crinone on several cycles, and it’s my favorite form of progesterone. I do wear liners, but I don’t get much discharge. I don’t even clean out unless it is coming out and I can just “pinch” it out. Not much side effect, either. I use estrace twice a day, and in the morning, I try to insert estrace and crinone at two different times because it makes me feel like both get absorbed better that way. At night, I insert estrace right before going to bed so it doesn’t come out (and it doesn’t if I lay down vs. it does in the morning because I’m walking around).


Hi everyone, Thanks for the replies, they were very helpful. I have my ER on 11/14/13, hoping for my first BFP ever soon after. Baby Dust, Dana


I used Crinone for my last IVF and currently am on it again. Most noticeable side effect was a splitting headache that lasted 3 - 4 days both times. Other than that, not too much. My nurse says that Crinone is best absorbed in the morning, so she always recommends that. I haven’t really found leakage to be a problem. I usually use a panty liner, and find that if I do leak, it’s pretty minimal (less that the CM I would normally produce on a “fertile” day)