Crinone & Yeast Infections...?


Hi Ladies!

I had a FET last August (BFN) and developed a yeast infection. :eek: I have only had 2 before that one and so I suspect the constant wetness of the Crinone caused it. I am gearing up to do another transfer in June and wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to avoid another yeast infection.

Anyone else have this issue? Any ideas for prevention?



You should ask for another form of progeterone. I’ve been on Crinone for two cycles and each time I developed a yeast infection. It’s the worst pain ever! I took progesterone Lozenges last go around and didnt have any issues. Good Luck!


Thanks for your response! I’ve been googling the subject and it seems that some ppl do tend to get a YI on Crinone, but even more prevalent is itchy irritation from the meds.

I already have all my meds for this go round, so I am going to give Crinone a second try.


The only way is to do pio injections instead. I used endometrin suppositories and I also got so red, itchy and irritated even after changing panty liners.


Yeah - Thanks, Google_Eyes! I don’t know why my RE switched to Crinone anyway. It is SO expensive. The shots are no fun, but they never caused any problems for me. If I have to do this again, I am going to request PIO. Hopefullly, I won’t!


Good luck hope you have better results than I did.


I had a lot of problems with endometrin (wet, itchy, tons of gross discharge), so I switched to crinone. To avoid wetness and leakage, I would usually get up 1 hour early to insert it, then either go back to bed or lay on the couch. Or if I got up to pee after 3am I would insert it then and go back to sleep. When I would lay flat for 1 hour after insertion my underwear were always dry. I didn’t even have to wear a panty liner. For my p.m. dose, I would just insert it immediately before bed. Except for the crazy high price, I love crinone compared to PIO and endometrin. Good luck with your upcoming transfer!


Thanks, BinIL! I will try your advice for AM dose! That sounds easy enough. My DH usually gets up an hour before I do to work out, so I could get up with him, do the dose, and then lay down for an hour.

xo & congrats on your baby girl!!!