Crowd Funding


One way to help finance your treatments is to use a crowd funding site. It is basically a way for people to donate towards helping you. Even if they only donate small amounts, if enough people do it… you can make any goal!
This is mine, which I created today. Please feel free to use it as an example for your own. Donations and sharing mine is always welcome. I hope this helps some of you. :slight_smile:


Here is the link to mine for reference…


Apart from asking family members and friends for donations, some people organized a huge bake sale and let people know that they were doing this for IVF. Everyone was willing to “pay” more for their cupcakes just to help them out. They advertised this event on Facebook so a lot of people came to support them. Although it was not enough, it still helped a lot.


Hope M- That’s an adorable idea! The main reason I like Crowdfunding is because I know people who it has worked for. One of my best friends is a blind author and it was very important to her for her books to be available in audiobook format because of the fact that she is blind. However, audiobook narrators are so expensive. I helped her create a page and we ended up managing to get her enough to have all of her books made into audiobooks. :slight_smile: Hers was on Kickstarter, but the platform I used is on Go Fund Me because they allow you to create pages to raise money for infertility and Kickstarter doesn’t. I’ve seen people on their raise the full amount for IVF! :slight_smile:


I really want to do this but I think my husband is too proud to say " hey, help would be nice!" It was so encouraging to look at that website and see how many people are willing to help each other. Even if we can’t do it, it was amazing to see :slight_smile: I’ll have to talk to him more about it… See if he will come around :wink:


TTC3+ What’s funny is that I was the proud one between me and my hubby, but I decided that I want a baby enough that I’d do anything, even hurt my pride. It’s amazing the types of people who will step up to support you and who donate. I really think you should give it a try.