Curious to your thoughts... Time sensitive


This is my second time doing an IUI. My office does them back to back, so I had my trigger shot, with 2 mature follies, on Friday morning, about 8:10am.

This morning we went for our IUI (8am, so 24 hours later), husband’s sample was less than stellar, and we only had 5mil with 80% motility. Now they told me it’s up to me if I want to come back for the second IUI to up my chances. But I feel like, at 48 hours, isn’t that too late pretty much?

So I am stuck between trying to decide:
Just have sex tonight and tomorrow, and forget the second IUI … Or…

Have the second IUI, even if I O over night…

Clomid has given me hostile CM which is why we do the IUIs. I’ve gotten pregnant 3x on my own, without any medication, just natural timing. But since it had been a year and 3 losses, we went to a RE for further guidance. All of our tests come back fine, his SA results came back great, just a crappy sample this IUI…

Obviously there’s no solution or right answer, but I’d love someone’s thoughts whose done this or been in my shoes… I’m new to the whole IUI process.

I hate to keep spending $$, and the second IUI is another $200 (totally $700 for the past 3 days at the office) if it’s not really going to give me much more benefit.


Hi there–if it were me, I would choose to have intercourse at home tonight and tomorrow morning. With Clomid, because of CM issues, we used PreSeed – it’s supposed to help. You can buy it at CVS.


I have preseed… I was thinking that with a great S/A, I know he’s got it in him… maybe try to catch it ourselves.


48 hours past trigger might not be to late. An ovulated egg lives for 24 hours. So if you ovulated at lets say the 36 hour mark post trigger you’ve still got the window. Washed sperm online lives for a VERY short time. I’d do the 2nd IUI .


I would do the iui too. Especially when everything else looks good… The money sucks…but if it works that’s cheaper than doing it all over again!


What do you think about having sex tonight ? I know the re suggests waiting but We had sex last cycle the night before and still had 33mil post wash … thered be about 10 hours in between…


That depend on what you want. Will you kick yourself if he has a lower sperm count if you did the deed?


Abstaining didnt help this last time… i think we will see hoe thr night goes, and let nature take its course… thanks ladies :slight_smile:


[QUOTE=OhSuzzz]Abstaining didnt help this last time… i think we will see hoe thr night goes, and let nature take its course… thanks ladies :)[/QUOTE]

I’ve seen girls on another ttc forum get better sperm results if you just turn him on well before he goes in to give his sample. Either way good luck


I don’t think B2B IUIs are going to work for us. Twice now we’ve only managed to get a sample for one of the two days… So I’m going to have to talk to my doctor next cycle (we’re taking a few off) about something else, or doing 1 at 36 hours… 2 samples in a row is too much pressure, no matter what we try and do to ease it up. :-/


IUI’s at 36 hours are just as successful. Or you could do b2b IUI’s just have him go in a way before and get some sperm frozen to use. That might take some stress off of him.