Cycle day question--first IUI



I am on CD 6 and will have my initial sonogram next week on CD 11. This is my first IUI and I am a bit anxious. Can anybody tell me on what cycle day they typically do the IUI? I’m concerned about the Thanksgiving holiday causing a delay.



My IUI’s were done from day 14-16.
I wouldn’t worry about the holiday - usually the RE’s have accomodating office hours.

Good luck!


mine was CD 17, but my RE will make special arrangements if it falls on a weekend or a holiday


It depends on how well your follies are growing as to when you have your IUI. If your RE’s office isn’t open for the holidays or weekends then i’d look into another office. Fertility is a 24/7 thing… our bodies don’t wait.

For me i’ve had my IUI’s anywhere from cd12 to cd18.


I had my IUI’s on CD 19 and 20. My fertility office is open 6 days a week, only closed on Saturdays. Check with your office to see what days they close. Like my RE said “our ovaries are the Boss”!! GOOD LUCK


I had mine on CD13 and CD14 (Sunday and Monday)

I would definitely find out if the office is open 7 days a week.
Had mine not been open 7 days a week, my first IUI could not have taken place.

Best of luck to you…:cross:


I had my IUIs on CD14 and then CD13. My office has several locations, and one is always open on weekends and holidays.


Thanks everyone. I have the ultrasound tomorrow morning and I am nervous about what we will learn. I hope we can get this IUI done very soon! :cross: