Cycle Legnth??


I have done 2 iui’s. The first one was a 20 day cycle from start of stims to iui. I was blessed to become pregnant with my beautiful twin daughters who are now 18 months old. In October I went in for iui #2 which was a bfn, I started on a slightly higher dose and from start of stims to iui was also 20 days. I am starting stims again any day now on a slightly higher dose from last time and am trying to plan around christmas. Just curious if others also experience the same amout of days of stiming to iui of do you find that you stim for different legnths of time from cycle to cycle???


My cycles are typically pretty steady but these two IUI’s were on different days based on my ovulation dates. My first IUI was on cd12 and the second on cd15. Thats why I am going to have to hold off until January if this cycle was a bust. I would have the IUI anywhere from Dec 22-25. So that doesnt really work for me. Best of luck to you!


My first IUI in 2008 was on CD14 and I got a :bfp: .

My second IUI this year was on CD18 and :bfn:

I am now doing my third IUI and had my IUI today on CD14.

I think it depends on how your body reacts to the medications each time.


When I was frustrated about why I hadnt gotten a positive ovulation predictor yet, my doc said “Well you’re not a machine, you cant expect to ovulate on command!”. Ha ha…


Well too bad we aren’t!!! Would make this so much easier if we could plan to the exact minute we ovulated!


I respond differently every medicated cycle. I wish it was always the same, but for me it never is.


Hmmmm, a machine, why didn’t I think of that!! lol. I’ve been pretty predictable every cycle. My estrogen rises then drops. I seem to be predictably unpredictable! Thanks for all your replies! Keep them coming. Love to hear from more people!