Cyst Aspiration


Hi all! Just got back from a cycle start u/s / cyst check. Last month my cyst was in the 50s. After 3 weeks of bcps, it’s down to the 30s. I basically begged my RE to let me cycle somehow this month. He said he could aspirate it, and I could go on to do my typical clomid cycle, except this time with monitoring and a trigger (my request).

So some questions for anyone who’s ever had a cyst aspirated. Did it hurt? What should I expect? How long will it take? Also, before I even get the go-ahead to aspirate it, the doc said he wanted to check my estrogen. Anyone know the reason behind this?

The RE said he’d numb the area with lidocaine and wrote me a prescription for a valium and lortab. Is it that bad?!? I’m down with the valium (have to take them to fly…I’m a wuss!), but the last time I took a lortab was when my MIL (nurse) gave me one at a family gathering for a migraine. I ended up heaving in my in-laws bathroom and napping for 3 hours! Not a fun time.

Any advice/experiences/horror stories are welcome and appreciated!!