Cyst symptoms?


I have had cramping since my IUI 9 days ago. Some times it’s worse than others. This was my first IUI and first time on Clomid. I brought up 3 great follicles, 20, 22 and 22 and based on my progesterone level (52.74 6dpiui) it looks like most if not all released.

My question is…do cysts release progesterone as well? What are the symptoms of a cyst?

I have felt bloated since the IUI and feel twinges and cramping etc…any ideas?


Bloating is a symptom of progesterone… yours is particularly high because of the multiple follicles, so you’re feeling it more than usual - that’s my best guess.

Did you have a cyst that you know of? As far as I know, they don’t release progesterone. Symptoms CAN include the cramping you are feeling, but in my experience they had to be pretty big before you felt that. (I have endometriosis. I had 4 endometriomas, all 5cm or larger, and had pain all cycle… I now have one around 5cm, and sometimes get little twinges on that side.)


I just found out that I have cysts on both ovaries. I felt cramping on and off during the whole month (told it was because of them). They do not release progesterone. If anything they will most likely mess with your hormones enough to make you not ovulate so the fact that you had a high level makes me think you are fine. But… If you are not sure you should get an ultra sound. I went from 50-80 progesterone level to 6.1 when I found out. CRAZY! Good luck, hope you don’t have any!!!


[FONT=“Arial”][COLOR=“Teal”]I definitely don’t think they release progesterone. I had 3 at one point, and my progesterone was 2.5. I had a few cramps but it was nothing too bad. [/FONT]


No, I haven’t been told I have a cyst. Just feeling so many twinges, random pain, etc. that I figured with my luck the Clomid would cause cysts for me! I am hoping I am wrong.

This has been the mood swing cycle for me! I was so excited to produce the 3 follicles and then depressed when we were told DH’s count was 700,000 total motile then excited again that my progesterone was so high. I just can’t get over the less than 1% odds the Dr gave us.

Am I crazy to try another IUI with DH’s counts so low?