Cysts while pregnant


I got pregnant using Menopur injections along with Ovidrel and IUI. I had my 1st U/S at 6w3d and the baby is fine and had a HB of 126. However, the sonographer saw 2 cysts on my left ovary that are huge. She said they were the size of oranges. The perinatologist compared it to having a pimple the size of your body on your face. They said it was probably because of taking fertility medications (which is weird b/c I had 3 big follicles on my right ovary, but none appeared very big on my left). Anyway, they said that normally when you don’t get pregnant the follicles are absorbed back into your body; however, b/c I got pregnant sometimes (especially w/ fertility meds.) cysts form. They asked me if I had any pain or anything like that, but I haven’t. They told me no BDing, and if i have any sharp, biting pain to go to the outpatient maternity clinic immediately. They said that they will probably shrink around the start of the 2nd trimester, but they might not. If they get too big or hurt (they can twist) I may need surgery in the 2nd trimester to remove them (it’s safer in the 2nd trimester). They said there’s really no harm to the baby.

Has anyone on here had these? If so, what was your experience like? When did they start to be absorbed? Fortunately I haven’t had any symptoms from them that I can think of, but it does worry me. I think they are causing me to be more bloated than I would be if I didn’t have them b/c it’s like having 2 oranges down there inside of me. However, I can’t tell if it’s normal baby-bloat or not. I also think they’ve caused me to gain 3lbs. just in the last 2-weeks, but I can’t tell. They are fluid-filled, so that would make sense, but I don’t know. I have only added 300 extra calories to my diet, per my dietician and doctor (and I closely watch these calories as a diabetic), and the calories are from healthy foods. I see my perinatologist tomorrow, but I’d really love to hear of other’s experiences if anyone has any to share.

Thanks for the support ladies!


You might find this helpful. She may chime in on her own, but this is who I thought of when you mentioned cysts:

In case it doesn’t come open to the post, look for chasesmommy27 and her posts from 1/29/13. She’s having twins and had to have surgery because of her cysts, but last I heard all is well with her babies. Good luck…I know it’s nerve-wracking to find out there is anything that potentially could cause complications, but I always figure it’s better to know so you know what’s happening if/when you start having pain. I really hope all works itself out and you don’t need the surgery.


Thanks! I’m going to check out the posts right now. I’m a little frustrated because one of my cysts is 5.9cm, which is considered big and the other on the same ovary is 4.6cm, and today at my appointment they didn’t do another U/S to see if they were shrinking or growing. I think it was because my doc. was called off the floor and the resident didn’t seem to know much about cysts. Hopefully at my appointment next week (I’m high risk) my doctor will be there and I can get more answers and have them checked out again. I just want to know if they are growing or shrinking. I’m not having pain at least. At least the resident did tell me that having cysts while pregnant is common and the surgery is considered safe during the 2nd trimester if needed. The only concern would be after the surgery he said U/S’s can’t be done until the surgery heals, and since I’m already high risk for other health problems, regular scans are important. Sigh…getting pregnant wasn’t easy, now the pregnancy isn’t going to be easy; I shoulda known (not that I’m really complaining, I just WISH something on this journey could be routine and normal, ya know?).


Similar Situation

I also had two cysts about that size during my pregnancy almost 2 years ago now. They gradually reduced in size and were gone at around 15 weeks (if I recall correctly). I was definitely bloated and felt like I “looked pregnant” earlier than I should have. It also kind of messed with the drs ability to really track my weight gain during the beginning of the pregnancy. While I was waiting for them to go down I had ultrasounds every two weeks which was really a blessing in disguise because I was SO anxious about the pregnancy and got to see that little heartbeat more often than I would have otherwise once I was released to my OB.

I hope this is reassuring! I know that I was really nervous about it as well and that my doctor was very cautious and said that I needed to avoid exercise (anything more than walking) as well.


Thanks teacherwoman, that is really reassuring. I was also told to avoid anything strenuous, and no BD-ing, which is frustrating, but we’re definitely not going to risk it. What’s kind of weird is that the resident that I saw at my last appointment said that the cysts wouldn’t affect my weight because it was only a couple of ounces of fluid, but that seems contrary to other things I’ve read online. I really wish I could have seen the Perinatologist instead of a resident. He also said that unless I had pain they wouldn’t do another U/S to look at the size of them, which seems SUPER odd to me, especially because I am on pain meds, so I don’t always feel the pain my body would normally feel. Sigh. Hopefully at my appointent tomorrow I’ll be able to see the Perinatologist instead of a resident.