D & C didn't go quite as planned .


When we got pregnant for the first time after having our first daughter we were really excited, we weren’t very happy with the experiences we had had with our previous doctor so we decided to try a new clinic there was one right down from the street from us that we had heard good things about so we decided to go there. When we went in for our first appointment they did the basic Urine test and determined i was indeed pregnant! We were very excited but i was nervous my best friend had just miscarried a month before so they said they would get us in for an ultrasound right away, they weren’t even sure when i had gotten pregnant because my period dates were all over the place.
A week later they had me in for an ultrasound, we found out that i was 9 weeks but that i was having a miscarriage the baby was not there. We were very upset. I asked them what to do next and they told me not to worry about it they would contact me. We went home and waited, i called back three times and after almost two weeks they finally called me back. At this point i would have been about 11 weeks, no signs of miscarriage besides the ultrasound, no spotting or bleeding and still all the pregnancy symptoms. My doctors suggestion to us was that i should wait for things to progress naturally. But he also told me this could take up to 4-6weeks. All i could think was are you crazy? My friends doctor had told her it was better to go the medical route with medication i asked about this option and was told if i wanted to get this over with my best option was a D & C. I agreed i had this procedure a few years back with a previous miscarriage and it was painless and quick. I was set up with an appointment a week and a half later just to see if i would progress at all. I did not . . .
The night before the procedure i received a frantic call from my doctor he informed me that he had overlooked the fact that i needed to take an antibiotic before the procedure in the morning and then again after, this call was around 8pm and luckily my pharmacist was still open and i picked up the medication. The next morning i woke up early took the medication and got my family ready to go, my Boyfriend and our two year old were going with me for support and would wait for me in the waiting room, the one good thing about this whole experience was that i have an amazing little family =)
When we arrived at the doctor they got me in pretty fast and explained everything to us, i already knew what to expect because this was not the first time i had done this procedure, we sent my family to the waiting room after the doctor told them to expect to be able to come in to sit with me in about 30 min. after this it all went down hill. They actually had two doctors for this procedure my doctor told me he had done this several times before but that he had another female doctor on the staff with a lot more experience that he would like to have sit in as well, she also brought a doctor in training with her and a medical assistant 4 people with me in the room plus myself when we started. I got kinda nervous with in took over 30 min. for them to officially get the Speculum inserted (not sure if thats how it is spelled or not) There was already a bit of pain associated with this which i found a little strange considering i’ve never had pain with this instrument before. They then told me they would begin opening up my cervix, i was informed several times that i had a little cervix and this was why it was taking so long for them to get started. i was told i would feel an injection when they gave me the numbing agent. Not sure what i was feeling but i don’t think it was the injection. After this point it began . . .
It felt like it was taking a long time but i assumed this was because i was uncomfortable and in these situations time seems to slowly tick by. I was feeling more and more pain which was a little alarming because with my past procedure there was no pain. The pain kept rising, the two official doctors took turns going back and forth determining if they got it all. At one point i heard one of them say she seems to be in a lot of pain, and the other doctor responded we need to just get this done. At this point several people had knocked on the door to inform the doctors that they had other patients waiting, the process seemed to go on forever, towards the end the pain was so high i was screaming for them to please stop for a min. I couldn’t even see straight and tear were pouring down my face, the doctor in training and the medical assistant literally held me down as a begged for them to stop! Honestly i don’t know how long after this the procedure went on but then it was over. The doctors apologized for my pain went and got my family and left as alone in the room. They told us when i was ready i could get up and get dressed and that they would be back in thirty min. with some juice for me to drink and to check my blood pressure and temperature.
As soon as we were alone my boyfriend asked what happened to me, he could tell something was wrong he said my face was bright red and that i clearly had been crying, i told him i thought something had gone wrong. They removed all the instruments from the room before he came in but there was still blood on the floor under me. I asked him how long i was in the room with them, he showed me the time on his cell phone and i started crying, my 30min. procedure lasted 1 hour 45min. All i could do was cry, i couldn’t believe how long i had gone through this pain. 30 min later my doctor came back and apologized he told me they believed that they hadn’t actually injected the numbing agent properly and that i had actually had the procedure naturally without medication. I didn’t even know what to say, he told me they wanted me to stay another 30 min. before i left and he left the room.
30 min. later the other doctor came in she told me my doctor was busy and apologized again telling me they believed i hadn’t been numbed properly for the procedure, i asked her why they didn’t stop as i lay there begging through my tears for a break and was told its better just to get these things over with. I was told they would send in a prescription for pain killers as well as 3 more days of antibiotics just to be sure i didn’t get infected. When we went to get my prescriptions we found out that they had only sent in the one for the antibiotic, they for got the pain medication. I was so mad i said screw took the antibiotics and bought a large bottle of ib proffin

This happened two days ago, the one bright side to the whole situation is that i have had no bleeding other than about an hour of spotting after the procedure. I will be making a follow up appointment with my old doctor and will never go back to this clinic again. I am a little nervous about the follow up just because of the pain associated with the procedure. has anyone had anything like this happen to them during a D & C? I’m concerned about possible scaring but they did tell me other than the pain and the length of the procedure everything went as planned? I don’t even know what to think at this point =(


I literally am in shock after reading your post!!! I have had 2 D&C, and both times, I was scheduled for the procedure a day after my u/s showing no hb. They did another u/s right before the procedure, but I was knocked out…general anesthesia! I can’t imagine undergoing something like that awake. It’s a heartbreaking loss, aside from the pain, they put you through a horrible emotional experience. I would never go back to that practice. I work in Pathology at a hospital, and I have NEVER heard of such incompetance and neglect. I hate to say it, but if I were you, I would look into having a sonohystogram a few months later. They could have done some serious damage, and that can lead to adhesions, which will make pregnancy impossible. I’m so sorry, and you are right to be outraged! :grouphug:


OMG! I can’t believe this! I agree with Rachel, I think most practices are doing general for D&Cs. I literally can not believe people were holding you down because you were in so much pain you were jumping off the table, they should have stopped immediately and reinjected the lidocaine or called anesthesia for sedation. This is shocking! If I were you, I might report the situation (not for legal retribution but so the hospital knows what happened). Best of luck with the rest of your journey!!


Dianna- I took that his was done in the Dr office… if people were knocking on the door, it sounds like a Dr’s offcie, that doesn’t happen in an OR. It’s just another reason to be outraged. The entire way this was handled was wrong.


Justagirl, I am in utter shock and horror! It is the stuff that horror movies are made of! I agree with the other posters, defnitly report them, no one should have to go through such a terrible experience. Having a m/c is bad enough. I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience, I hope you get well soon and recover quickly and that no damage (other than psycological) has been done. I am shocked at the level of incompetence, unprofessionalism and inhumane treatment. Get well soon!


What an absolutely terrifying experience! I can’t imagine having to go through what you had to. I have had 2 D&Cs and like other posters mentioned they were both under general anesthesia and in an OR. Get well soon!:grouphug:



The D&C was done at a clinic, the clinic has direct ties to the hospital but the actual procedure was done in the clinic. Anyone know where i would go to report something like this, i’ve been trying to find sites online but havn’t come up with anything that seems right?


Maybe try to find out which hospital if any that the doctor practices in on a regular basis. I would report it to the hospital he would be associated with. Speak with and individual in Public Relations along with maybe the higher ups like the VP AND PRESIDENT of the hospital. If the clinic has a medical director maybe make an appointment to sit down and speak to him or her. I would put everything in writing. Make sure if you meet with anyone, you have a formal copy of your experience to hand them. Maybe send letters using signature required mail so that you have proof should you need it that they received your complaint.

Just remember when you report this to document everything! You never know if or when you will need to reference the information.

I am so sorry that you had to go through all of that! They need to be ashamed of themselves! Who knows, maybe you are not the only one that this has happened to and you may be the voice of those that it happened to before you…

Good luck to you… May there be much baby dust your way!


Your state will have a medical board and health dept where you can file a report. Your profile says WA, so try this site,
File Complaint About Provider or Facility :: Washington State Dept. of Health

If you have lasting effects from this procedure, I urge you to contact a lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice.


Justagirl - I am so sorry to hear this happened to you, how horrific! While they have probably (hopefully) documented what went on during your procedure, I agree with some of the other posters saying you should mention this to the hospital. That is good you haven’t had much bleeding since, my doctors told me after mine it was good, I hope you are not feeling that pain anymore also.