D&C in the morning. What to expect?


If anyone can tell me what to expect from the D&C I would really appreciate it. I have never been put under and I’m nervous about that, not to mention I am nervous about the procedure.


Hi Amanda,

Sorry to hear you’re going through this :frowning:

Though on the bright side, I found the d&c itself to be pretty straightforward (I had also never been put under before and had never been in the hospital for anything before that).

I was completely out…one second I remember lying there thinking “when is this anesthesia going to work” and the next second the Dr. was waking me up and saying it was all done. The time you’re under is just “lost” for lack of a better word.

Physically I felt pretty good aferwards. I remember it hurt to pee the day I had it done, and a bit the day afterwards too (but much less). And I had some crampy soreness for a few days, but nothing too crazy. You’ll probably bleed for upto 2 weeks afterwards, but not heavy. I bled for about 12 days I think, but pretty light bleeding each day. And no sex for about two weeks afterwards…you’ll need to wait until your cervix closes up again or you can risk infection.

Good luck, feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


Sorry about your loss I had one the end of Oct.

You are out for the procedure they gave me and iv and verset and propofol. It was over very quickly and I woke up in recovery. The give you pain pills but I only took one. The next day I was sore my uterus hurt a bit but only for a day. At our clinic they have you come in for weekly blood draws until your beta is under 5 and than you can cycle with the next period.


My RE did tell me it was about a 10 minute procedure. They are going to check my beta before the d&c and then we will wait on the results. He said after we do the d&c I will go in and they will continue to monitor me because right now we just aren’t sure if the baby is in the uterus or the tube. He said if it was in the tube then after the d&c my numbers won’t drop and then we will take the shot to help me pass it. His plan is for me to set out 1 month and then do another IUI. I know I am just ready to move forward.

Thank you both for your insight. Sassy, I will pm you if I have anymore questions.


i understand!

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]i had a d&c on sept 2, and i was so terrified about everything. its scary being put under. everyone around though was helping me thru it though. the anest told me he was giving me some margaritas and it sure made me feel crazy. i knocked out within one minute probably alot sooner. i didnt cramp too much after wards. very little bleeding. the worse was how i felt. the minute i woke up i was crying. knowing my baby was no longer there tore me up. i felt like i hurt the baby cause i let them take it out of me. but i knew i had no choice. it’ll be very hard to deal with. i’m sorry you have to go thru this. months later and i still cant help but think about it and cry alone. [/FONT]