D3piui spotting, could it be implantation?


I had my first IUI procedure on Friday (5/11) at 9 am after two different OPK’s tested positive for an LH surge the day before. I did not receive a trigger shot or any medications. Today is d3piui and I just started spotting about 30 minutes ago. I noticed a small amount pinkish/reddish spotting when I used the restroom. I’ve also noticed a bit of somewhat thick cm and very mild cramping. I generally don’t spot until a few days before my period, so this is abnormal for me. Everything that I have read online says that you don’t implant for 7-12 days post ovulation. How uncommon is it to implant sooner than that? I’m just not sure what else would cause me to spot like that when I’m obviously not due to start my period for a while. I’m somewhat freaking out that I am just ovulating late, but I don’t typically spot or cramp when ovulating.


Hi, honey. Sorry you’re worried. As far as I know, implantation happens around day 8-10. And only after HCG is being secreted will you feel anything. Here’s an IVF timeline, add 3 days onto this for IUI so 3dp3dt is 6dpiui. Never meant making you sad. Let’s see what happens the next few days.


Does seem like it could be late ovulation. Def not implantation. It’s just too soon. If it is ovulation, the good news is those sperm are in the right place waiting for your egg. Do you have a history of fibroids? They are the most common reason for any bleeding between periods. Either way, good luck!


Actually, I contacted my fertility doctor and was told that implantation CAN happen as early as 3 days post ovulation, even after an IUI.


Actually, I checked with my doctor and implantation can happen as early as 3 days post ovulation. Spotting is totally okay. No fibroids, literally nothing wrong with me. We’ll see what my test says in 9 days.


I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed. I hope you got some good news.