Damaged fallopian tubes..


Hi, everyone!
I’m here to share my sad story and ask for some advice… I had been pregnant for 12 weeks already and we were dreaming about our future baby day and night. We were looking for baby’s cloths, decorating the room and all the stuff like that … But here began our dreadful story…we set our minds to do the analysis to see if our baby is developing properly… I will never forget the day when the results were ready and we were called to see the doctor… As a typical representative of the medical stuff he tried to control his emotions but we understood that something was wrong from the very first second we saw him. He then took us into his cabinet and in a low and concerned voice informed us that there’s great probability our baby was going to develop a Down syndrome. He was recommending an abortion … he was even insisting on that and convinced us that we would definitely have a chance to get another baby born absolutely healthy… and we agreed to that… In just a few days we lost our child and our dream :frowning:
We underwent a row of TX to recover after that … then in about 5 months we started our ttc attemps again but without success. . The subsequent check up showed damaged fallopian tubes and infertility. I think it could have been avoided if the doctors were qualified enough. One should be very careful when choosing a specialist! They can easily get a lot of trouble into your life. They say IVF could help now. The thing is to get good doctors and if possible for affordable price. Is it possible to get good advise here? If someone has any information that may be useful please share…
Thanks in advance


Your story sounds really terrible, I did even felt this pain by myself during the reading. Don’t lose a hope.

It seems not so bad. In fact, you can go through ivf on your own eggs. But in case your ovaries are in order. Or maybe… have you any problems with your gonads?


That was even more terrible to overcome all that… and the story is far from an end … which is just dreadful and disastrous… Yes, it looks like my ovaries are in order and the gonads as well… hopefully … though I don’t have much trust in our doctors and the analysis they provide. I think I will go somewhere else to check everything one more time… that’s extremely important for me …especially after all that happened. . I’m going to be super cautious, . as I still blame myself sometimes for having done something wrong in all that story
Anyway, thanks for your support, dear. Hope everything wasn’t so sad with you xx


I see you have a chance to have a baby related to you, dear. This is a Medicine human science and that means there can be mistakes and defects in the work of specialists. As for my case I can’t be a carrier or even give my egg, because I can’t be stimulated.
First stop blaming yourself it’s pointless, keep on! I’ll be waiting for your updates.


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Sorry to hear about your problem. I know it’s awful to know that your baby has no chances to live up. I really feel for you. I even can’t imagine your feelings at that moments. Gosh I have no words to support you…
It’s been a long time you have posted here, how are you right now? did you decide something? Have you started a reproductive treatment?
We also have opted for it because my health condition is poor and I can’t bear a baby, probably you have read my story on this forum.
So we decided to opt for a surrogacy with an egg donation. We came to ukraine where we found a clinic. we signed a contract with them and now I’m waiting for blood test. Feeling really nervous about everything.
please let us know about your updates


I am blaming the doctor. Why did you abort the child. I really do not think if there could be worse situation with your child. But I do not know so I cannot conclude. I remember my cousin had a child who suffered from leukemia. The child really made them go through a lot. The chemotherapy and the rest. It as very expensive for them. There were some points that they were giving up. Feeling like the child will not make it. So eventually she become pregnant with another child. So the doctors told her to abort. The reason being that the child might also be suffering from leukemia. But the parents refused to hear the doctor. The baby was born healthy and kicking. It was because of the second child helped to heal the first ch8ld. They used the stem cells from the second child to heal the first child. So do not always do what your doctor says. Try to get alternative advice. That is why I prefer Bio texcom clinic. They have long history of success.


I’m so sorry for your situation. You should definitely visit a fertility specialist. They will give you the knowledge about medical checks you should undergo. You should definitely do the whole medical check to know what the reason of your unsuccessful TTC. I would advise you do this as soon as possible and not to waste time. As I know it is considered to be “ok” if you don’t get pregnant during first year of trying. After a year if you don’t get pregnant you should visit a doctor. This’s important for both of you to make a thorough check of your health. I’m not saying that you for sure have some problems with fertility. Maybe it’s not the time yet and very soon you will get pregnant and everything will be fine. But just to make sure that your fertility is in perfect condition, you should visit a specialist. I hope you will find the reason of your inability to conceive. I wish you best of luck!