Dark brown amniotic fluid at amnio - Anyone?


I just found I have dark brown amniotic fluid during amnio (18th week of pregnancy).
Uterus septum removed 3y ago, several surgeries.
First trimester screening was OK. No issues discovered during regular US except thick, inhomogeneous placenta (septum?). No vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. Bacteriological analysis of amniotic fluid came back as OK. Still waiting for results of chromosomal analysis and anatomy scan.
Dr. Google gave me quite pessimistic prognosis: 33-44% of pregnancy loss.
Anybody with similar experience? What the pregnancy outcome was?


I was so surprised to read your post this morning. I will pray for you and your baby!!
Working in pathology we often see stained placentas & fluid, but I’m not sure when that starts occurring in the pregnancy. I know staining is a sign of fetal distress- perhaps from the placenta being thick and homogeneous. I wonder if lots of fluids & bed rest would help. I’d ask about steroids to speed up lung development & if an early delivery in 10 weeks or so was an option. Please keep me posted. :heart::heart:


Info for all of you who accidentally came to this post while looking for answer to the same issue I had (dark brown amniotic fluid during amnio): I got beautiful, completely healthy and strong full term baby boy! Seems that color of amniotic fluid in my case was linked to some intraamniotic SCH which had no importance for the baby.

So, head up, the worst is not always certain!!!


Oh, good to hear Dear_D! Glad you are back on the site! :slight_smile: Are you ttc again?


Oh, I’m so happy! How is he doing these days?