Day 13 ultra, know one follicle


Ok so I just had my day 13 ultrasound today. Every time I go in for an ultra they have a hard time finding my right ovary. Instead of it being out to the side, it sits almost straight up and down. So they literally have to shove the ultrasound up inside. Painful. Well they saw one small follicle on my L ov, and saw two on my R ov. Only one on my R is mature (21mm by 24mm). I must admit I was hoping for more than one, and for it to be on my L ov since my R is positioned weird.
They gave me the trigger at 10am, and told me to come back tomorrow at 9am for the IUI. That makes it 24 hours?! Is that ok timing wise?! I always heard 36 hours?!
Overall I’m a bit discouraged and not feeling too optimistic. We only have insurance coverage through dec 18th. Just enough time to do another IUI if this doesn’t work. :cross:


What were the other sizes of the other 2 follies. They might be almost mature and the trigger will give them a boost in growing. 24 hours is fine. Some RE’s just like the 24 hours over the 36 hours. Goodluck!!


I feel like you are summarizing my experience last month. RE can’t find my L ovary- very painful when they do. After a month of injections only 2 follicles both on my L side- wish it were the other side. Disappointed b/c I wanted more follicles (had 2 just on Clomid). Were you on Clomid or injections? If I remember correctly my RE schedules IUI’s 24 hours after trigger with oral meds and 36 hours after trigger with injectables. I’m not sure why that is. Good luck!


With letrozole all you get it one maybe 2 follies. But like missing said they may grow with the trigger. On 3 rounds i’ve only ever produced 2 and that was my first cycle… then the rest was 1 only. It is a bummer…

And honestly I had the same problem before I had my Lap to see if I had endo… My LO was SO hard to find and when they finally dug and found it, i’d be crawling off the table. It turned out it was adheared to my bowel… They still have problems finding it and it never produces much (except this cycle it shocked us all!) Not to mention its little and doesn’t have many antral follies hanging in it.

Have you ever thought of having on to rule out endo??

Hope that one is your golden egg tho!!


I was on letrozol. Supposedly last month I had two mature follicules. They didn’t tell me sizes though. We did TI for that cycle.
I also have wondered if I should be tested for endometriosis. I think maybe it would help to explain quite a bit. I guess all along I attributed the hard to find ovary to my being really overweight.
Also has anyone been really sick with the hcg trigger?! I feel like a truck has run me over. Did this past month too.