Day 4 stims low E2 levels


My day 4 stims are only 46.6 and I am taking follistim 225 IU and 20 U of low dose HCG. They told me if my levels don’t go up by day 6 to 150 they are going to cancel my IVF cycle. Has anyone experienced this and actually have their levels go up. I am hoping it just takes me a little longer to respond and by day 6 they will go up over 150. I am trying to stay hopefully and pray everything works out. This is our 1st IVF attempt and our only so we want it to be successful and I don’t want to post pone. We have been waiting for this for 3 years now. I have a 11 year old from a previous marriage and it was a natural pregnancy and my new husband is missing his vas deferens so that is why we have to do IVF. If anyone has any insight it would be greatly appreciated I am really worried about this.


Your exact situation hasn’t happened to me, but my first IVF, I did have issues with my E2 levels which caused them to have to push me back a week, and then I was able to move forward. It was a successful egg retreival though the IVF didn’t work. The next time around I had no problems at all. I will say that each round is TOTALLY different, and if your cycle does get cancelled, that does NOT mean you won’t have better luck responding next time. Baby dust to you hun.


Estrogen Levels on Follistim

Thank you so much for replying. All I can do I guess is pray for now:pray: . :cross: I am hoping when I go in tomorrow my levels will be over 150 where they want them and we can continue on. If our cycle gets cancelled we have to wait until February for the next round, atleast this is what I figure. I didn’t know they would just push it back a little. I was just hoping I could be on the stim a little longer and maybe that would boost my levels. We have postponed this for so long and I really don’t want to have to do that again.

I have another question, have you or do you know anyone who had issues with there levels do to BCP? I was on them from mid August to October 25th. Then I had a break and started stims on October 30th.