Day 5 of Menopur/Bravelle - high E2?


Hi all,
I’m new to the scene but was hoping to hear similar experiences… Huz and I are doing IVF for male factor; his sperm are as geographically challenged as he is. If only they had vagina GPS! I also have 2 kids from a former marriage. I did 17 days of just Lupron and had a baseline U/S - had 12 follicles on one side, 8 on the other, all clear. Then started adding Menopur & Bravelle in the p.m. - had bloodwork this morning (morning of day 5, so 4 days of the cocktail) that showed estradiol of 540. My nurse said that was a bit high, so now I’m supposed to take less of the Bravelle for the next 2 days until my next U/S on Friday. Anyone else on here doing IVF after conceiving naturally? Also, anyone else have a similar protocol & what were the results?
Thanks and good luck to all trying!